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GoW Cellular Data Consumption

Hey, possibly a stupid question, but does anyone definitively know how much data GoW eats up on mobile? Y’know, per hour played or something.

We haven’t measured this for about 12 months actually, but a quick calculation shows me that a PvP Battle probably uses about 100k of data, while a login uses about 70k… So an hour’s play might be somewhere around 2Mb I suspect

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It’s a lot lot more than 2MB for an hour’s play.

I reset less than a week ago and most of my play is in a wifi environment. Even with the 80mb update today, that would mean 200hrs of mobile play in the last 7 days.

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According to my phone’s data usage stats, GoW has only used 380MBs in over 3 months of playing. I’m no where close to a top Ranked PvP player (I average only about 200-300 trophies a week) but that still seems like very minimal consumption. Nicely done and much appreciated. :smiley:

Edit: Never mind. I just realized I play while on WiFi most of the time so my numbers are meaningless since I don’t know how many cellular minutes I’ve played over those 3 months. Silly me.

Parts I know is that gow is the game that take by far the longest time to log in compared to any other mobile game I played (when my Internet is slow which is about 1/2 if the month). It takes me 5-6 minutes to log in.
For example hearthstone on the same slow Internet speed takes about 40 sec to log in.

The rest of the playing doesn’t require long loading which is great. Entering guild takes about 20 sec which is totally OK. I only wish if the log in was faster like 4 minutes faster at least! xD

Does the gow game download on mobile include all game assets or does the game download additional assets when needed? And if so are they permanently cached? 100 k for a pvp battle is huge, why so big?

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