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Google Play Games achievements

I like Google Play Games achievements. I know it’s kind of niche but … It’s nice when your gameplay is recognised. So I was looking at my Play account and I saw that the last time I achieved a new … er … achievement was 9 months ago.

After a player reaches level 100 - nothing. No achievement for unlocking all kingdoms. Nothing for unlocking a hero class. Nothing for reaching level 200 or for ascending your first troop to mythic.

For a game with such a long profile as this, that seems kind of odd.

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i think you probably want a milestones unlock x kingdoms, x levels, x classes, x troops, etc
cannot really do the ‘unlock all’ since once a while they add more of them and it becomes invalid.

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Yes, that sounds right. Just a way of recognising progresd

I wouldn’t be mad if there were achievements that unlocked aesthetic things in game such as skins for the gems or for your Hero.

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Hmm… Lots of Google Play achievements now, but my Android devices log out every time I exit. Galaxy Tab S2 and Redmi Note 4. Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes. Sadly, if you want to get achievements on Android, you have to remember to login to Google Play in-game every time you load up the game. Or like me, you can forget most of the time and miss out on achievements… :man_shrugging:

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