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Unlock Google Play Achievements after linking account


unfortunately I wasn’t able to find an existing solution for the following problem which causes me to create a new topic.
If there’s already a topic which fits to my problem please leave a hint. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing Gems of War on Steam for several Years. A few days ago I noticed that Google Play has several achievements for this game but it seems that I can’t unlock them with the help of my Level 600 account.
Is there any way to unlock them ‘retroactive’?

Thanks in advance

With regards Garland

Hey @Garland,

Since the move to Unity (and having the same code base now for Console, PC and Mobile), our achievements are now following the same rules as Sony for the PlayStation 4. There are rules that Achievements/Trophies are not allowed to be awarded retroactively, but rather can be earned by doing an action instead. As an example, to get the “Unlock [Number] Troops” achievement, you have to gain a new troop as the action. Luckily, from that action, you will get ALL achievements relating to that action, so you can get multiple achievements at the same time.

We may look into changing this at a later date, but at the moment, it is not a priority.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Everything worked as described - Now I just need to wait for a new kingdom to unlock :slight_smile: