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[REPORTED] Steam Achievements - minor visual bugs

Platform, device version and operating system:

PC (Steam), Windows 10

Screenshot or image:

Steam - Millenial
Steam - A Friend Indeed
Steam - Master of Strength

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Steam achievements should reflect current progress.

  • Master of Strength: Hero level progress stopped at 252. Currently almost 400.
  • A Friend Indeed: Pet level progress stopped at 5. Currently at 10.
  • Millennial: Doesn’t show level progress.

Do you switch between mobile and PC? The achievements ate broken if so.

Yes, I do switch between PC and mobile, although I mostly play on PC these days.

Is there any way to fix them or they will just remain broken?

No idea. I don’t really pay attention to achievements. I am missing a bunch of low level ones and just ignore it. Hopefully someone else can chime in if and how to fix the out of sync achievements.

The progress bar will be broken for now, until you reach the goal. Just make sure when you are ready to reach the goal (ie. you have enough pet food to get your 20th pet to level 20), do it on Steam. It will trigger the code to check the achievement.

You should also look at the rest of the achievements and plan ahead. Things like " Win a Epic Vault Battle" will unlock on the platform you do them on, causing you to do it again on the other platform.

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Thanks, I did get an achievement recently even though I believe the progress bar was broken. I’ll definitely be sure to be on Steam when I’m going to reach the other goals. It would be nice if they could fix / sync the progress bars (or allow us to trigger a manual sync), but it’s a minor issue.

Hey all,

I have passed on the Millennial Achievement example with the missing numbers to the development team to investigate. We tell Steam what to display, but they do the controlling of the displaying. It’s something we are planning to look into.

In regards to the other achievements, as other mentioned, it is possible these are displaying inaccurately due to playing across two platforms. Potentially the progress will move up on one device and then when you change devices it isn’t matching on the achievement data when you come back to that original device.
As all achievements are tracked on their own platform (Steam, Google Play, PlayStation trophies etc)

Hope that is helpful!

Jeto - Support Member :woman_mage:t2:


Thanks very much Jeto!

I will have to pay closer attention to the level progress in the other two achievements, but from what I can tell they have just stopped counting, regardless whether I’m playing on PC or not. I’ll post back after leveling my hero; it’ll be some time before I can level a pet. Is there any way this can be sync’d between PC and mobile, since we are able to play with the same character on both?

EDIT: I’ve just leveled my hero on PC, but the progress bar in the Steam achievement “Master of Strength” remains as 252 / 500, so it has indeed stopped counting.

Hey friends,

Just a quick update from the Devs, there should be a fix the incorrect progress, coming soon! Hopefully it will recognise that you are playing between Steam and mobile after the update.

Note: You will need to play the game on Steam to progress that Achievement on Steam. We unfortunately can’t track progress across accounts due to Console Achievement Requirements.
As I mentioned earlier as Google Play/Apple are still tracked separate to Steam

Jeto - Support Team Member :woman_mage:t2:


Great to hear, Jeto! Thanks for the update.

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Hi Jeto,

It looks like this is now working as intended… the progress bars are actually progressing when playing on Steam. :+1:

There is at least one achievement, however, which is not working properly still:


I have previously advanced this to 2 / 5, and for some reason it is now back to 0 / 5. I believe I saw this happen at least twice.

This one has improved, but could use improvement: