Guild war defenses changing in the night

Since im new to the forums, look like I cant join two screenshots. So here is the actual team its putting there (wrong class, wrong Banner).

Some additionnal information :

This was my pvp defense team maybe 3weeks ago. Now its a completly different team.

My pvp defense teams (old and new) were never part of a guild war defense.

I havent move or rename any of my teams since the last guild war.

One more additionnal information.

Only the defense team of the Day is switching. Tonight was purple only.

This happened to a guildie of ours too on Tuesday

Did he reported it?
Its my first tier one guild war and I must admit that any point loss is very frustrating…

You are using the same team in the first 3 days. So when you change one it will change all 3 days together, though as 2 days are done it might ‘lock’ them.
You need a separate team slot for all days of defense to get the maximum points to use a unique troop/weapon in every slot. (24)

No im not. Its changing in the night for a team I dont even have anymore. Before going to bed, that team was in place. And I triple verified, since I had already 2 days screwed.

This looks pretty weird. Your defense teams seem to be set correctly, the server still copies some outdated PvP defense when locking in the troops on daily reset. Things to try:

1.) Switch your brown GW defense to some other team, restart your game, is the new team still set?
2.) Switch your PvP defense to some other team, edit that other team, restart your game. Maybe this will get your data back into a clean state for the remaining days.

Edit: For a very wild guess, are you participating in the beta program?

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if you ever [reorder] your teams, it can screw up your PvP defense and guildwars defense setups. Not saying that’s what’s happening here, since it seems to happen at server reset/over night for you, but do be aware that reordering teams can lead to some unpleasant surprises.

  1. I did change the Brown defense for the purple one. The purple stayed after restart. Put back the Brown one.

  2. Changed and edited my defense pvp team.

  3. Im not in the beta testing

  4. I havent reorder my teams for I dont know how many months. Maybe I can delete the team called missrox?

I really hope it wont appen again tonight

Any chance you’re playing from more than 1 device?

These things sometimes can screw things up…

Yeah I Do. Ill uninstall the pc version then.
It appened this night again :frowning:

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This happened to my alt in a far off bracket . It will cost that account points now . :rage:

It’s happening across The Unforgiven this War as well :rage:

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I even played a pvp battle after I changed the team it reverted . That usually stops this from happening. Guess not now

I wonder if this might be related:

It sounds like there might have been changes to how the data is synchronized between mobile and Steam?

Unforgiven’s on Xbox, though, and we’ve had more than one person realize (too late!) that their teams had been reverted to something else inexplicably.

So it’s annoying for at least two reasons aside from the obvious “my teams should be as I set them”:

  1. It potentially reverts the 6 slots to a non-Wars team, not just the wrong Wars team

  2. By reverting all 6 slots to the same thing, it makes it so that there aren’t 24 unique troops being used on defenses. So 2k points lost automatically through no fault of the player

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Since it’s putting the same team everydays, im now 10k points short. My guild is in the tier1, I really hope it’s not gonna make us drop to tier 2.

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I’ve deleted the game on pc, moved the teams. Replaced the teams, changed the team’s name.

I dont know what to do anymore :frowning:

It’s a server side issue, there’s something broken with your profile. Open a support ticket (Submit a request – Gems of War Support), ask them to look at your account.

At the start of each Guild Wars day the server locks in your defense team by creating a temporary copy to play against. It somehow fails to find the defense team you’ve set and defaults to your PvP defense team, which is also several weeks outdated. There’s probably some data pointer referencing old data.