[Fixed] New Achievements missing in Android

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I want to get the new achievement, but it seems to not update yet. From what I read, console is working fine, and Steam, which share the server with Android/iOS device, is working correctly. So it’s just Android/Google Play right now. No idea about iOS.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Everytime I check the achievement list since updating the game to 6.8 version.

Steps to make it happen again

Check the list.

Side note : I didn’t play explore yet, but 5 Delve runs, so 1-2 Wandering Merchants for each. Lots of Genie encounters, which doesn’t have an achievement, and not enough Daemon and Merchant encounters to unlock the achievement, even if it was active. But I did meet the Angel once, which should unlock it, but nothing happened, as the list didn’t seems to get updated yet.

And personal opinion, no rush on the fix, as it’s not so important, and I won’t farm much until new class arrived, which is still 30 hours away.

Update : Seems like it was live now, thanks!

Old screenshot

Last Update : 3 days later, finally got them all! Everything is solved and fixed!

2 full-delve run and 10 crowns chase daily doesn’t seems enough. Want to play more to get more offer, but not much reason to. :laughing:


Yeah, it’s not there. I did enough for all of them and got nothing.

The same here - NO achievements for Android!

Just unlocked the Daemon one on android here

Huh, it’s fixed!

Thanks for the reminder to check again. Now I just have to make sure it unlock correctly, later. Lol

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Hello :slight_smile:

Please check again if the achievements have unlocked for you.

And if they haven’t please let me know what device, invite code and also which achievement in particular you were supposed to have unlocked.

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Android Samsung A71 5G


All of the new merchant achievements are still locked for me. Have for sure fulfilled all conditions.

Edit: it’s fixed, i just have to do it all the things again, super.

Just all popped for me on android after seeing each merchant again.