[More info needed] It's All About Soul Achievement - Mobile/PC

I completed the “It’s all about Soul” achievement on the PC, and got credit in Steam there for it. However, I can’t find any way to get credit on mobile (Android). I tried visiting the Soulforge, restarting the game and crafting something.

One the other hand, the Curse Be Gone achievement worked for both platforms. I completed it on mobile, and when I logged in on PC, it was credited immediately. That’s working at least.

Some achievements are exclusive to Steam. Could this be one of them?

That might be the cause of the bug, but it’s in the Google Play achievement list as well.

Anyone get it on Android?

Yes I did

@Voq has the achievement triggered on google play for you yet?

Thanks for following up.

I just checked on Google Play and it has not triggered yet. I tried visiting and crafting something random in the Soul Forge.