Good true shot setup

I have 2 trait centaur, 3 trait skeleton, and 3 trait warden. I like using these setups for challenges, but am still getting beat in pvp most of the time. What are some good support cards for these? I even tried centaur,centaur,skeleton,skeleton and thought it would be really good pvp, but I’m not getting results. Thoughts?

Sunweaver for support
Star gazer same
Giant Spider or Green Slime to fuel purples
Gob Shaman or Valkyrie to fuel them
Bone Dragon or Keeper for big hits
Sheggra + something that makes red…

…are just some ideas

I like Glade Warden, Skeleton, Sheggra & Sunweaver, but Jainus’ suggestions are all really good as well.

I’ve gone with centaur,centaur,giant spider, skeleton. Seems to be better. Spiders big trait makes it a tank in third position. Use skeleton to make skulls for trueshot. If they get to skeleton last, I can get big hits with it. Everyones talk about trueshot being OP doesn’ t really make sense to me. My best PVP setup is still old and generic. I just grinded forever trying to get traitstones and I’m ultimately disappointed. Anyone go the wildfolk route with herdmaster and centaurs?