Most Annoying Skull + True Shot Teams

Since True Shot and skull spawning have become so meta, I figured I make a thread where everyone shares their favorite true shot + skull spawn teams, or ones that they have seen that have been the most annoying.

I have tried dozens of different builds with them, of which this one is my favorite:

Star Gazer has abilitity instantly and can raise Centar’s attack by over 11 on the first turn, more so based on blues and if she blesses with magic/attack. This brings Centaur to 35ish each match allowing him to 1 shot nearly everything in the current meta. Ferit’s +1 purple with a banner of +2 purple causes a purple mana surge to give 9 mana. This is enough mana to fully generate Skeleton’s or Star Gazer’s ability. Since skeleton can possibly have his ability every match, he just keeps creating more and more skulls to wipe the other team. If things get bad, Skeleton would eventually have enough attack to 1 shot everything, Star Gazer could do the same, and Ferit’s ability would eventually be doing 20+ damage and drain. I don’t currently use this team as my main team, but it is my current defend just for fun. Only a few wins so far on AI defends, but it has yet to lose.

I’d love to hear more. There are A LOT our there.

Wow that looks nasty! I don’t have nearly as many traits unlocked so I’m using a more classical setup consisting of:

Centaur Scout
Giant Spider - Magic Link
I use Vampire Banner (red/purple) since a mana surge will still completely fill up the skeleton.

I also had the pleasure of running into a True Shot Entangle team that didn’t use Skeleton and it actually defeated my invasion team. It went like this if I recall:

Centaur Scout
Hero - Winters Woe
Must have been using the +2 blue banner because the Winter Woe was charging up really fast.

Once my front line tank got entangled the first time it gave Venoxia time to fire off her spell which then provided blue gems for Winters Woe to entangle my Abhorath again. I used Big Abe’s board reset several times to remove the entangle and hopefully get a good gem drop and start one-shorting the opposition but it wasn’t to be. I finally got rid of the Centaur with a KoS bomb however Venoxia had enough attack to finally take me out. That was the most interesting and fun defeat I had in a long time.

I mentioned in a previous thread, it’s my soul farming team:

Warden: for true shot and because I don’t care about green gems
Hero with Sheggra’s heart: filled quickly by the Valkyrie and fill her and Sheggra back
Valkyrie: for soul farming and to fill Hero
Sheggra: Because I lovee her!

It’s a fast team, the enemy rarely plays more than 1-2 turns.


I’ve been trying that team tonight, it was pretty fun and super quick.

I’ve been playing Centaur, Skeleton, Ragnagord and Soothsayer for about two weeks now and it’s awesome. Really fast thanks to the traits; the third of Soothsayer makes him start with full mana which it’s not only enough to fill Ragnagord, but also gives magic to everyone else, which sometimes, when the things go wrong, helps a lot.

I refuse to use a true shot centaur team, and I hope each and every one of you steps on a lego.

On a hardwood floor.


Your wish is granted! I walked on a lego, on a hardwood floor.
I now hope that paint will spill on your hardwood floor.
Between the cracks!

I don’t use a True Shot or Gobbys on defense, I’m not a total monster!

I use full traits Goblins on defense and full traits Centaur team for invades. :'D Maybe am going to need more legos.

In the original line up, swap Ferit for Faunessa and you got my current favorite team :smiley:


That would work too, but I don’t have any traits on her.

Glade Warden, Skeleton, Sheggra, Sunweaver. I especially like this against goblins since Glade Warden’s spell removes all green gems.

You’re a MONSTER.

All of them.