Trueshot smackdown - skull wars are suddenly fun

So far I have had 100% success against all the various trueshot teams with this. I am so relieved not to have to field my own trueshot/bone dragon (yawn) teams in opposition - and get extra souls too.
I hope players who have become bored/annoyed with t/s teams might give this a try.
I like it. I’m having fun. Who knew !

Green Seer

You really need to fully trait Treant for best effect.


Very nice game you had there, but I must disagree with ya on one point; playing against skull producing teams will never be much fun for the simple fact that everyone and their brother uses them these days. It’s like watching the same movie over and over and over again.

Yeah! I’m not everyone nor a brother!!! sweet.

Forest of Thorns has always been my home and Gloomleaf was my first Legendary I think - just love those big tree-men.

Still chugging my way through to get them with all their traits but will certainly give this a whirl tonight.

Agreed - and I have been so bored having to use like against like. When 85% of pvp challenges are currently skulls teams this line up, for me, is more fun. You have no option but to play skulls teams if you play pvp (unless you want to spend ages & ages skipping) and I turn in appx 400 trophies a week so thats a lot of skully teams to beat :smile:

Hey guildmate :slight_smile: I’ve been having great success recently with this old favourite team… Once it gets going the AI almost never gets a turn - and Agile doesn’t deflect the high level of spell damage incoming…

(The Hero weapon is Sheggra’s Heart…)

Hi guildmate :relieved: Sadly I am still 8 Arcanes away from achieving 2nd (armored) trait on Carnex. I’ll give this a whirl nonetheless tho !

It must be nice having that HobGoblin and Goblin Rocket to Mythic :slightly_smiling: . Thus far I have Goblin and Goblin Shaman up to Epic, I can’t wait until I can finally get them to Mythic. With my luck I may can get them there with say 20k cards lol.

And @esslee sadly you are right…If we play PvP we have no choice than to play against these teams, unless of course you want to keep clicking on ‘Try Another’ 50,000 times.

I can’t wait for the hero to get a serious buff… I’m over level 900 now but my hero is by far my weakest troop, both in stats and lacking traits… Once that’s (hopefully) sorted out in v109 I think we’ll see far more diverse teams… Or maybe just Sheggra’s Heart + Sheggra teams…

This is epic!!! Finally good to see someone sharing their strategy against True-Shot Trolls.
Excellent :smiley:

I don’t use any skull teams or true shots or goblins or worms… I can get to rank 1 in 2 days time. I use dragons with Webspinner: shegra, venoxia, Webspinner, Celestia. Celestia onky as one trait activated… No other traits done yet.

Goblins… Uuugh

Same here, gloomleaf was my first leg together with jarl firedingus, i really like gloomleaf also because back when i was still mentally handicapped enough to play league of legends my main was maokai… so yeah.

Anyway, i also focus on skulls but never read a single meta paper or team builder… screw metas, i figure out my own stuff. Thing is i quickly realised that magic teams are roundabout and focussing on the only actually controllable thing; skulls’ was the best idea for active teams.
Defense teams dont work that way though since the cpu has no clue how to make indirect drops for extra skull lineups and tends to waste those resulting in a early gloomdeath.

Reading everywhere how skulls are meta makes me feel bad :confused: Apparently my non-meta play was so good its now meta and everyone who sees my team thinks im a filthy meta zombie :confused: (gloom/celestasia/mr skeltal/rednosedreindeerorfatgoblinman.

Oh btw i play on ps4 so no trueshot THANK GOD.

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I see lots of webspinner venoxia shegra teams tbh… its like us nonmeta ppl …just cant win… (the non-meta game that is)