Question about a unique skill " True Shot"


Just running into with the opponent who had a top troop : Centaur Scout with
a fully loaded traits skill including Air Sprit , Agile and True Shot. Where I lunch skeleton skull attacked the opener troops, Centaur Scout not only dogged three times but also give my Skeletons a huge true damage (. 22) without him doing anything. Is anywhere the explanation and effects of these unique traits skill is listed ? I must miss some important details?


not sure we can say it explain, but you can find some info on this post

Trueshoot ID:71


I use this card a lot. He has all three traits. Yes he does sometimes dodge skull matches more than once - depends on luck. Skull matches do his noted attack damage but as true damage. Using the card just destroys a row and does 10 ord damage (quite lame imo). After your avoided skellie skull launch the AI must gave had a skull match which did the true damage


I also have charged a full trait skill for Centaur Scout.
How about this combo:

Centaur Scout, Regnagord, Herdmaster , Orion…
Central Scout, Bone Dragon, Celestasia, Sheggra


Yes, I use Centaur, Bone, Sheggers and Celestia (with 1st trait)
It’s fun :blush:


Why Bone Dragon? Bone Dragon remove armor but you don’t care about armor as you do true damage. Moreover, he can be a little bit random…
Why not Keeper?
And for trueshot troop, I prefer Wolf Knight as his spell also do true damage ;-).
So something like that: WolfKnight/Sheggra/Acolyte/Keeper (yes, no green… and I don’t have trueshot trait on WolfKnight yet so I cannot test it).


Bone dragon because I just pick the enemy troop with the highest armour (say 23) not necessarily the one at the top. Now I have 23 more skulls on the board to ‘true shot’ the enemy with (= a least two kills usually) I also try to have sheggers already charged if I can so I use her during the bone dragon turn. Not much left -if any- of the opposition after that. Using Sheggra first is very reliant on the placing and number of red gems and it can be iffy - the enemy team can get the advantage. Games using this team are very very quick.


After reading the above posts,
I am finding that Centaur (trueshot), Skeleton, Skeleton, Slim is the quickest team I have trial so far.
It is rare the Centaur dies and I have won a few times with out the other team getting a turn.


I fought someone with 3x Centaur fully traited with Sheggra (don’t remember her trait level) on defense.

I lost. It was terrifying. :scream:


ROFL ^^ that was my defense team :stuck_out_tongue:

Sheggra is untraited … can’t find any of those traitstones :confused:

Was contemplating Bone Dragon, but knowing the AI it would select the first troop that’s been hit and has zero armor … Was also thinking Keeper of Souls, but the AI is silly with color selection there too :frowning: So despite Sheggra being a bit random, it’s something the AI can’t really stuff up too badly :confounded:



I just had a fight that I used two centaur and other epic troops. But on PVP centaur’s true shot didn’t do anything instead, got damaged from the skull attack. This fight , Centaur even didn’t dodge the attack. Is true shot better on Defence?
I’m bit confused.


A bit OT, but is does Leadship trait only apply to the troop who has it or does it cascade to the entire team? I’m pretty sure it’s only the first place troop in question otherwise I can see it being really OP.

Thst 3x Centaur Scout with True Shot/Sheggra team sounds really wicked, I can just imagine how it would be if it was three Orion’s instead. True Shot with Hunters Mark would be brutal. Kind of a shame that Orion got a terrible second trait though, it would have been so much better if he got Agile instead of Alert.


The true shot skill affects Skull Match damage to ignore armor. Do you mean when you matched skulls with the True Shot ability unlocked that he still hit the opponents armor?

The Agility only gives it a 30% chance to evade skull damage. It can save you, or do nothing, you never know.

In my opinion, combining True Shot with something that buffs the Centaur Scout’s attack is what helps. With full kingdom buffs, it can be a high amount of damage that ignores armor.


Centaur (fully traited), Skeleton, Sheggra, Giant Spider. Spider feeds Skeleton who feed Centaur. Skeleton buffs himself so he’s ready to take over if Centaur goes down. Sheggra is just in there for kicks.