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Good team or do i need better synergy?

Trying out a team and it runs pretty smoothly but thinking i could change out one or two creatures. Using Gorgotha to fill everybody, i throw down death to get everybody death marked. I then either use Kruarg or Kerberos. Kerberos mainly hoping for the devour and Kruarg to hammer the last two slots. Also Kruarg can always replenish the first slot if the fight ever drags out.

Lead: Gorgotha-Traited
Second: Kruarg-Traited
Third: Kerberos-Traited
fourth: Death-traited

If you are going to use Kruarg at all, I rather use it in first slot. Let it die, and you have a Gorgotha. 5% chance of devour.

The team overall seems to lack mana generation. And you are counting on 5% of Kruarg, 40% of kerberos, and 10% of death mark to kill your enemies. That is a lot of chance when you can have troops that hit more consistently.

By chance you have any Krystenax or Krakens?

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I do have Krystenax and krakens. The mana generation actually comes from Gorgotha itself since he explodes almost the entire board and gives back 70% as mana.

Sorry, meant looping mana.

What about a crimson bat? You could go Crimson Bat - Gorg - Kraken - Death if you are not against a Gorg first slot. This way you take every skull for double damage.

If I were to replace only one troop, would probably be the kruarg with a captain skullbeard or sekhma.

Gotcha that makes more sense. thank you. Trying to find new things beyond my mains of, Celestia, DS, sylvan, Krys or Alchemist, moneylender, Yao Guai and cant think of the last one.

You don’t have the great maw. It kinda looks like Kuarg…but 100 times better.

Was it on Tacet stream where Kruarg was called The-Not-So-Great-Maw :wink:? I remember Kruarg receiving this honourable title but I can’t remember how and when. Anyway if Kruarg is supposed to summon daemons it would probably need a little help with red gems? Like in form of a Storm or a mana-generator. Storm can be provided by Ogryn or Garuda but I can’t tell how would they flow with the rest of the team. I dislike using Death (it was my first mythic and proved to be unreliable most of the time) but that’s my personal experience. It’s worth noticing that Kerberos and Death make for a nice soul-farming duo outside of PvP, they just need a helping hand from a soul-generator and possibly another troop with Necromancy trait to boost the bonus.


Kruarg could take a buff. I’d put that devour on attack trait chance to 10%. Its spell isn’t great and it has survivability issues so it’s hardly gonna ruin the game.


Unfortunately no great maw :(. Oh well i can scrap that team and try again. I even tried a team of Alchemist, moneylender, hellcat and Gard.

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Mercy/Alchemist/Hellcat/Gard and it should work smoothly. Mercy, Alchemist and Gard should be fully traited, Hellcat doesn’t benefit that much from his traits.

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