Good Kruarg team?

I just got him and am interested in some good combinations with him? He seems like a cool troop.

Preferably one team that uses Valk and another that doesn’t (I still need souls, so I’m a bit tied to her)

He tries to do too many things and ends up being fairly bad at all of them. He also has absolutely no synergy with Valk (or really any other troop). I had some fun with a few teams where I tried to get out some random Daemons (Green Slime/Green Seer/Sac Priest/Kruarg) (Dwarven Slayer/Templar/Spirit Fox/Kruarg), a redundant exploder Daemon team (Non Yellow-brownDaemon/Gorgotha/Kruarg/Daemon covering any missing colors) and some skull spam teams that didnt work at all, but nothing I’d categorize as “good”. What was especially annoying is that having him trigger a summon when the slot was blocked could occasionally soft lock the game, and I don’t know if this was ever completely fixed when he made it to console.


Mithran explained what I wanted. Sadly his 13 purple condition makes him for very bad.

Mithran really explained it better than I could. I’ve tried to find good uses for Kruarg and there just aren’t any.

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I misread the troops name. First thought "maybe he’s good for making coffee? wait… "


all the way with @Mithran

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Thanks guys! That sucks. I was hoping he had some fun potential but it looks like no