Gold Farming Nerf incoming?

I can’t speak for most people but the best way to farm gold is PvP with the 2x or higher modifier for difficulty. If we can’t use difficulty settings on PvP doesn’t that remove the reward bonus multipliers, this VASTLY reducing the amount of gold we have the potential to earn from PvP. That instantly makes maxing out kingdoms as well as Guild Tasks harder to complete.

Side note: Soul farming doesn’t really matter because we would still get the bonus multiplier for soul farming quests. No real change there.

To be completely honest, higher difficulties are not efficient. Even for those without Dragon armor.


There is another way, but it costs money. Getting your VIP level up to 6 will give a 50% gold bonus from battles, quests and arenas.

Honestly I’ve found that the extra time spent playing a Warlord difficulty battle just not justify the increased reward in my opinion. If you’re looking at maximum battle/rewards per hour Normal is the way to go for pure resource gathering.


That’s… what I said.


I normally play on hard, so the only thing I lose out on is 10% gold, 10% exp, and 25% souls per match.

For exp, I normally farm on Warlord III on challenges, so that is completely unaffected. Challenges will also be more efficient for racking 250 wins for classes. They can either be set to a quick farm rate or lowered down to a constant normal that PvP can no longer do.

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Well… I think this is the same guy that gripes about Bone Dragon nerf in another thread.
So I would assume he farms Warlord Level gold by taking advantage of the insane high Armor in the opponent lineups.

Which… I have to admit… is kind of brilliant. :astonished:
I think I will go try it now!

Good Lord that’s a lot of Money! :scream:
Very exciting too… one wrong move and you risk getting plowed over by the monstrous Warlord stats!

The problem, at least for me, is that it’s not necessarily a “wrong” move, often it’s just an unlucky one - virtually every time you hand the board over to the opponent they can get a lucky drop that will kill your troop. Or 4. :wink: Not to mention starting a match with several skulls on board, when you can only use one 3-match and have no board control spells ready…

Also I decided early on after the difficulty was introduced and agree with other on this thread - even not considering the risk the increase in rewards just isn’t worth the time spent on grinding through those increased life/armour.

Yes. I also started the Bone Dragon Nerf thread. For me, I have an all-in-one farming team:

Bone Dragon *
Green Slime **
Valkyrie ***
Keeper or Souls *

(* is traits unlocked)

I play only Warlord II at minimum for PvP. For me this means my matches last 2-3 min (sometimes 60 seconds if I can chain completely through). I get 2k+ Gold & 90 Souls per victory (which is realistically around 85-90%).

So with the new changes to PvP and difficulty settings coming with 1.0.9, My usual farming lineup takes a huge slap in the face. Guess I am going to have to start using my 500+ unused treasure maps when they roll out…

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