GOOD NEWS: Removal of Gold Costs for Battles!


Hello Adventurers!

Some good news for you all today… and I wanted to get this out a little earlier than normal (because tomorrow is event changeover day, and there’s always lots of discussion about other things).

We’re removing Gold Costs from battles…

Quests, Challenges, PvP… all of 'em. Forever.
(you still have to pay to enter the Arena however!)

We were planning this when 1.0.9 releases, but when we thought about it, there was nothing actually stopping us doing this immediately. We just finished implementing & testing the change on the weekend, and it’s ready to roll out with the new event tomorrow.

I’m going to preempt a few obvious questions:

1. Why are you doing this?
There’s no reason to be charging gold for battles in this game. We want it to be as free as possible. After level 30-ish most folks find they have plenty of gold anyway, so why should we be punishing NEW players by making them pay.

2. Won’t this let players get too much gold? Won’t it ruin the economy?
Not really. We’re making a slight change to PvP payouts, but that is all (see Q3 below). There’s plenty to spend gold on in this game. And Guild Masters might be a bit happier with a bit more gold flowing in too.

3. Are you halving PvP Payouts?
No absolutely not. Even though PvP entry fee was 50% of the winnings, this would be really unfair, since PvP would end up making LESS gold for folks with Armor Sets.
We are actually making PvP pay out 85% of the previous amount… that’s only a 15% reduction.
The reason behind that? If you had Dragon Armor + Hard Difficulty + VIP 10 Bonus, you’d have a Gold multiplier of x3.1. The 15% reduction means that person (yes, there are quite a few of you, I know) will earn a teensie bit more now than previously. Everyone else will do quite nicely.

4. Don’t you think it’s unfair that my Dragon Armor or VIP Bonus now earns me proportionally less compared to other players?
Unless you are on the very very 0.001% top end of the scale, you’re getting more Gold now for PvP. While the players without your bonuses might be getting a bit extra proportionally, remember that neither are those newer under-geared players likely getting your massive payouts for fighting extremely epic high-level battles. There’s really no way to make this change entirely equitable if you do the math in terms of proportion. Our #1 priority here though was to ensure that nobody earned less than before as a nett amount.

5. Will any other systems pay less gold?
Nope. None.

6. Can I have the 5 trillion gold I spent on battles back now?
No. No you can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

7. Is this on consoles too?
Not yet, sorry. Mobile & PC only for now. Expect it to make its way there eventually though.

Matches not costing any gold
Armor suggestion?

HYPE!!! :slightly_smiling:


Excellent news… I’m sure I suggested this many months ago… but t’would be arrogant of one to say ‘I told you so’… oh, just did… :grin:


This. And you spelled ‘nett’, ha!!! Seriously this is really good for new players, happy with this change.


What can I say… half my family are British Accountants…


I’m a British Accountant… so this must be a good thing…


Woo-hoo! Thanks a bunch!


This is a great change. Thank you!


This is good news, especially for new players!


"We want it to be as free as possible"
not really, i like the change, thank you, but this is not true, the game is now lees free than before and you know it.

by the way, is there a release date of the 1.0.9 version?


When exactly is this gonna be implemented? Tomorrow?


You can and always been able to get everything without spending anything. Just a matter of how much you play.

Would be implemented tomorrow with the weekly event.


How so? It was free, it’s still free.

Yes, you can pay to get stuff faster, but it isn’t pay to win, and culturally this is how it’s always been.


Oh this is wonderful! :heart: Thank you devs!


I really like the change. I can see using a much great variety of invade teams, because I won’t be looking at it as gambling 1,000 gold on an experimental team,


active troll is trolling


Yep. I won’t be as bashful about taking on a really difficult defense if I won’t lose any gold in the process.


This is good! I know there have been nights where I get a run of bad luck and end up with a few thousand less gold than I started.


Kudos to the devs!


I can finally build a kingdom entirely out of gold now. :smiley: