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Goblins For Life

The Console AI has been going down Cheater’s Avenue non-stop since the update. The AI Combo Breaker is always Off in PvP/Arena, which is fine except it is always On for the players. Banner colour(s) are dropping less often than others and the cascades/Extra Turn combos the AI gets would net a player an average of 2 Maps A MATCH. AI cascades/combos typically will continue until the player has no practical move to make. Whole matches will go on where every move the player makes sets up Skulls or Extra Turns for the AI.

The solution? Exclusive use of Goblins in PvP. AI can’t cheat without a turn.

Just waiting for Queen Mab to come break the game and make every match, and it’s outcome, a flip of the coin.

Console has Giant Spider now, yes?

Giant Spider
Green Seer
Boar Rider

For those tough stains that just won’t come out.


Thanks for the team, however I was being semi-serious above.

One thing I HAVE done though is stop using Legendaries. Any team that cannot take board control or start doing damage in two turns is open to a random AI spree. I have 3 other teams than Goblins who are fast and deadly, but most players would instantly pick Goblins in this situation.

Just another factor leading to the overabundance of Goblins on the Console version.

Not just console.

Pair of bats work well though.

They work amazing until the board ACTIVELY works against you.

Over 57 PvP matches today, my banner colour(s) have dropped at a rate of 11.4%. Far from the 15% they are supposed to. If I play against a team that revolves around colours NOT on my Banner, I get into trouble because their colours drop well over 15%.

Wanna know what Banner I’ve been using for Goblins? Double Blue. No Goblin uses Blue, but with the Banner up I SWIM in Green Gems.

Again, not a few matches here. 57 today alone.

It’s where Valkyrie comes in. Don’t care about the board. Just make blue.

Except when I use Valkyrie, the AI denies any situation to make a 4-match. It will cascade and combo until so. Most of my Valkyrie casts are made when, at the end of an AI spree, Gems drop into place. It’s been a rare occurrence I’ve gotten more than 10-12 Mana from a Valkyrie cast…

So it’s been established then that rng favors you with glory from maps and me with Valkyrie castings.


I’ve been rolling with:

Boar Rider
Goblin Rocket
Goblin Rocket

Before GR’s mana raise this team was ridiculous at keeping AI from making turns, and it still really is. The bottom 3 all share fire link, and Alchemist can fill up with strategic GR use. BR can set up 4-matches to keep the ball rolling. It’s a fun squad, albeit a tad grindy against large tanky decks.