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Console AI has been reverted

Back to the days of your Banner colors dropping less, catch-up logic and broken Combo Breaker.

80+ games played and it’s consistent, so recall bias has been ruled out.

The numbers don’t lie, and they are absolutely disgusting. Entirely no effort in trying to be subtle about it either, the difference since the update is black-and-white, night-and-day

I feel like your yelling…
But yes Its not recall basis the console AI:

SIMPLY CAN NOT SEE THE MOVES (no matter whos turn it is)

  1. Sometimes If its your turn the with a 5 L match available the AI will recomend a random 3 Red.
  2. Sometimes If its the AIs turn with a 5 match available the AI will pick 3 Skulls
  3. The AI can not identify 3 Skull matches 100% of the time.
  4. The AI can not consistently identify 4 matches 100% of the time.

The odd thing is this makes playing HIGHLY unpredictable, and some times enjoyable. Unlike on PC where the AI is Pet Rock Boring.


My adage still applies: if you let me live, you will regret it. Never let me live.

It’s funny that it cannot see moves but will mana-deny you to Hell and back.

The Combo Breaker being on for the player and off for the AI is also blatantly obvious. I have not received a single Map from a cascade since the update, when I would have had approximately 12 in the 83 games I have played. The catch-up logic is responsible for this, you gain a lot of Mana one turn, the AI does as well.

In response, I have removed all RNG-based Troops from my teams and yet, it’s incredibly common for the AI to still manipulate the board to prevent you from matching your Banner colors. Cascades and combos WILL continue until you are not able to match your Banner colors.

I have demonstrated I know the Console AI extremely well. I insisted it was flawed even when we were assured by the development team that it was fine. After much prodding, they investigated and found I was correct all along and are in the process of correcting it.

The AI is behaving exactly the way it used to before they determined a problem and made adjustments. It appears the adjustments have “worn off”.

This is not true.

You have provided some videos, which in the past allowed the console team to replicate and fix some bugs. But your descriptions of “why” these things happen have always been way, way off. You speculate about things that don’t exist, like “catch-up-logic.”

If there are new bugs in the latest update, they don’t validate theories that have always been wrong.

Bugs happen - finding and reporting bugs is always useful & appreciated by developers. But bugs are not proof of conspiracy.


Thanks, Illuminati Confirmed

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This is an important point, and one that is hard to convey. Closed-source applications, particularly those involving any element of randomness, can be fun to “figure out,” like a puzzle. However, only the developer knows the absolute truth about how the algorithms are implemented, and the help they receive from a bug report stops after the “what” and before the “how.” Everything thereafter can make for an entertaining read, but turns from wheat to chaff from the developer’s perspective.

i like how ai can finally make mistakes again and yes they mana deny ;l

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Talia, take whatever medication you’re supposed to be taking and get a job. You’ll find gems a lot less stressful then.


Yeah, I just watched a few more of @Tacet youtube videos yesterday looking for a fast explore team, and he repeatedly sets the AI up with Skulls. I play a little on PC and the buggy console AI is SO much more interesting. I think Tacet would be astounded how you can’t manipulate the AI on console.

Thats not new, i set ai up with skulls all the time cause my 1st troop is coronet in my main team. Just had my first pvp2.0 experience btw and its not exactly fun, but maybe just bad luck on my first matchup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgDK19aKOFo You see me setting up the ai with skulls aswell to beat it. I hardly ever pick up skulls with that team unless it makes me actually kill a card i need dead first thing.

Sorry if I muddied the issues. I was looking to add clarity, not make things tense.


The ai isnt supposed to be perfect when matching.

Could you show me where your customer implies a conspiracy theory?
Does it really matter if a customer/gamer uses incorrect verbiage to describe their gaming experience?

When @TaliaParks mentions ‘catch-up-logic’ as an engineer I am translating this as “I think there may be a variable causing feedback in the gem-generation algorithm. Could someone look into this?”

It really doesn’t matter if he is right or wrong.

One possible way to mitigate would be tracking a rolling/moving standard deviation for detecting when your weighted gem distribution has met a threshold.

Best Wishes,

A, Mr Strange isn’t involved on the console dev team anymore.
B, Talia once accused them of specifically targeting him by screwing his gem rng
C, I think gems are completely random except for a new game board not starting with any gems already matching.


I bet you wear tshirts with bad engineering jokes on them!

As a c++ software engineer… I can absolutely assure you with 100% certainty that gem generation was not uniformly distributed on the Xbox One console in the last build. I have not tested the latest published build. However that is by design. There is nothing wrong with using a ‘weighted distribution’ and the game greatly benefits from using a non-uniform ‘weighted distribution’ as this allows faster more exciting game-play and less ‘no more moves’ locked boards.


So, any proof or at least evidence to back that up?

The beginning of this sentence doesn’t add much weight to your assertion. Language choice/specialty doesn’t factor into this at all.

An assertion like this puts the burden of proof upon you. How did you measure uniform distribution? What was your sampling methodology, and how many samples did you take? Given that pRNG always has some periodicity, there’s a chance you are correct; however, unless you actually have a preponderance of data, claims like “100% certainty” are easily written off as one of many cognitive biases.


Agrees… this game doesn’t lack software engineers. In fact, pretty much the kind of player base that would play this game is probably consisted of nerds and geeks. So Dave’s argument is invalid. How does you being a C++ engineer support anything about how XBox One runs its uniform distribution?

Also, if I’m not mistaken, I think XBox One runs on C#, not C++…