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Console AI has been reverted

Please work on the sombra arg! (Overwatch’s arg can only be completed by code monkeys and not regular folk.)

Thats a bit generalising, only nerds and geeks like card and puzzle games now? Id say its a healthy hobby for literally everyone.

What is the difference

Nerds are into the things I like.
Geeks are into things I don’t like.



Everyone might have different definitions, but the way I understand it, nerds are people who usually get good grades in school, who may or may not enjoy gaming, anime, and other media entertainments.

Geeks are people who enjoy gaming, anime, and other media entertainments, but may or may not perform well in school.

Job-wise, I guess geeks tend to be into tech-related professions, while nerds tend to branch out into a wide field.

Well i definately do not enjoy anime or media.

I just like creating order in chaos and card games ive always liked since i ever played yugioh and triple triad in ff8 on the ps1. Im a puzzlehead thats all. Keeps the mind healthy… so i can recommend it to everyone.

“nerd” or “geek” sounds very derogatory imho.

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