AI on console get too many drops?

Just keep getting extra turns until all its troops are filled up? I could kind of understand that happening, if it weren’t the for the fact it did the same thing again it’s very next turn.

It wasn’t some fancy combo, where they keep making gems, four and five matches just continuously dropped for them.

Fix the AI. I’m getting really bored with this game.

What platform you playing on?

Console. It happens a lot, but the match I described was just the most blatant…

I’ve noticed the console version had weird RNG and more drops, yes. This is more about the game engine than the AI, though the AI does make odd loves too.

Pretty sure the player benefits from these streaks of drops just as much as the AI, but recall bias means it doesn’t feel that way.

Try the pc/mobile version: RNG isn’t as streaky and those chains/cascades don’t feel like they happen every battle.

PS: I changed your thread title and category so people here will know what it’s about.

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I think the problem with the ai is they know exactly what gems are going to fall. They’ll match a color they don’t use then for example 3 reds will drop from the top and land on an existing red and give them a 4 match. Then that gives them full mana on a dragonsoul gorgotha etc and they chain them together to nuke half your team.

Thats an issue because a human player may be denying them manna because of a bad board state, then all the sudden they get a color that shouldn’t have been possible on the board they setup. I can say this has happened to me in about 60% of my matches this week. I’ve played 300 matches with 275 wins and 25 losses. I’d say 22 of the losses were to those type of situations. I would be 1 turn away from looping after a bad board draw, then they would get a random 4 match drop from the top and run over my understated team. This is extremely frustrating to play against. Even in the 180 games or so I still mange to eek out with meat shield summons, they were still unenjoyable to play because it feels like all the rng is going against you.

I also noticed when i fight against soul dragon and famine it happened several time i Had a troop ready to cast, then soul dragon explode gems and refill famine then about 95% of the time was getting a lucky 4x gems after the cascade so the AI keep the turn and could use famine to remove my mana right before i could use my magic


This is also obnoxious

That situation is so bad, I won’t even play against a team with Famine in it anymore.

I’ve seen that thing get filled up in one turn, way too many times to even bother…

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Same here. I’m sick and tired of the ai exploding then dropping in a string of 5,6 or 7 of the same colour to refill or fill famine. Again. I literally could’ve have screamed earlier, it was frigging ridiculous. There’s something really odd about the cascades on ps4 occasionally. Yes, it does work both ways but it’s beyond frustrating.

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I’ve been reading these console AI threads for a year and a half, and I’ve played both versions for just as long. Please keep whatever algorithm/bug is on console. The PC version is way too easy because the human player can predict with ridiculous accuracy what the AI will do, giving the thinking player a massive advantage. In addition the PC AI will match Skulls with 100% certainly again making the PC/mobile AI dramatically less difficult due to the Skull baiting technique. The console AI is definitely more “fun” to play against.

Please don’t turn the console AI into boring 1970s Atari 2600 Video Chess.

Yes, watching tacet I’d certainly prefer the console ai despite the oddities.

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I always find it interesting watching experienced players like @Tacet make an endless string of perfect calls as to what the AI will do. The algorithm on console to purposely ignore Skulls randomly ON OCCASION, and once in awhile match a worthless color does wonders for creating just enough randomness.

I am often amazed by the console ai ability to take your planned next move despite it not benefitting itself whatsoever.


We (you lot) are mixing two distinct issues here.

This thread was about RNG, and on the consoles it being streaky and having way more cascades than the PC/mobile version seems to. I have played both and seen it aplenty - it feels like a different game.

@strat you are mixing this with the console AI behaviour: that’s a different difference. Yes the console AI is much less predictable, sometimes making it harder, sometimes easier. You can’t consistently bait it with skulls like you can the mobile AI - but I’ve seen it routinely miss 4 or 5 matches and leave me with a huge advantage.

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Only thing i noticed is the AI look more lucky then i am after explosion

When im using gorghota or soul dragon, i rarely get a x4 gems during cascade but the AI will almost always get it

Ok. I just feel like pointing out that randomness is good, so the developers don’t get any silly ideas to “dumb” down the console AI making it more predictable like the PC/Mobile version.

Yes. The randomness does benefit the player some of time. But the AI on PC mobile is ridiculously easy and boring because you can almost always predict what its going to do. Against planning players this makes things WAY too easy, imagine playing football team that only runs the football left every… single… time…

As for the gem drops they seem to benefit both sides about the same from my perspective. I think player perspective is skewed when the see the console AI do something “not planned” and it gets a cascade people recall it more.

On PC/mobile, exploders like TDS and Gorgotha hardly ever get extra turns, regardless of whether it’s me or the AI using them.

Yes, that is also my experience with exploders on PC. I Love exploders on console as I have a very good chance at an extra turn with all 4 troops full.

Maaaaan, this shit literally makes you wanna throw the controller right through the tv!! LOL

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to “know” what gems will drop and “act accordingly to it” would have to be a complicated behaviour system that needs to additionally be programmed precisely for that purpose, i am sure devs would know if they did such a thing - since if they would do it - they would also publicly admit to programming ai to have an advantage over player

devs openly and clearly say there is no programmed or even non-programmed advantage for the ai.

if your attitude was more objective you could observe that the ai just follow certain scripts and is not a an all-knowing malicious personality

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