Ridiculously luck from AI

Idk if it’s just me, but I feel like with the recent changes the AI is getting more lucky shots or perfect timed matches. For example in the arena, it’s almost ridicule how the falling gems are so well placed for the AI. It doesn’t matter how well you play, the enemy fully charges its their powers in just two or three turns, and get so lucky and verr advantage positions… It’s getting me frustrated every time i try the arena for example

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We’ll have a look.

What difficulty do you play on?

I’ve actually been experiencing the same thing. I pretty much only play ranked PvP, and I an fully aware of recall bias and take it into account. I’ve also played thousands of games so do have a very good feel for it, but it feels like a TON of crazy combos and gem drops occur for the ai.

I might be crazy or really unlucky, but it’s happened so much since 2.0 that It’s been making me think something is up.


I seem to be getting a lucky break for about every crazy combo the AI pulls off, feels sort of balanced. The Combo Breaker is turned off for ranked PvP, did you play on Normal before 2.0?

I noticed this as well.

I’ve noticed it too & always play on normal.

The combo breaker being turned off was a chump move. Now anyone can simply field a goblin team and call it a day. They were hard enough with the combo breaker ON. This needs to be changed.

I feel the same

Yea I’ve experienced this too. It’s silly and the combo-breaker should be turned back on.

Frankly I wouldn’t care if both the player and AI had combo-breaker on. That would be fair.

Also, the only reason combo-breaker is there in the first place is that game is programed to throw combos out randomly.

I would be very curious to play the game where all drop were completely random.

I believe it’s actually the other way around. If the combo breaker is on, you will get more combos, the AI will get less. What you are seeing now with the combo breaker turned off is completely random drops, for both sides.

I have been playing on quest/challenges on Hard and Ranked PvP also on Hard, I know difficulty doesn’t effect but just in case the devs need to know.

I understand recall bias, but would say that the amount has been similar to what I normally see, however the amount of cascades in the run have been exorbitant. Rather than the AI comboing into a 4/5 match. I am seeing cascades of near 7 falls. Or a single move which randomly creates a sequence of 4/5 matches leading into that 5,6,7 move per turn range.

Just to give a different perspective. Hope it helps! :wink:

My phone timed out in my last battle. I lost count how many combos it made in a row and it was against goblins so it just never stopped.

I have played on Hard or above since difficultly was added and I have never seen the shear luck the AI has now.

Well after last night battling a goblin team that before the update I would wipe the floor with very quickly I have now noticed the opposite. Soooooo looooonnnnnggggg are the battles except for the one 5mins ago.

I had the opening first turn and then sat back and watched the goblin team get 16 turns in a row and wiped out my whole team with raining skulls and cheap shot extra turns.

1 turn?? Again never seen that before

I personally haven’t seen much of a difference. But I do agree with this:

This statement is what I’m guessing most players would be happier with. You getting less lucky drops feels worthwhile if it means the opponent doesn’t get possible 16 extra moves turns.

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