Combo breaker broken?

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but the AI combo breaker doesn’t seem to be so much breaking combos properly anymore.

Just before the 2.0 update, like within a few days of it, I noticed the enemy AI was doing a lot better in situations where the combo breaker had previously been working great. Now skulls drop for the AI at opportune times, and they end up with lucky situations where they can make 4-of-a-kind. My wife is seeing this much worse than I am right now, and it’s a huge cause of frustration.

Battles that should have been winnable in the new PVP, I’ve lost, because there were times that the AI’s extra-turn spell or match was followed up by a skull drop in just the right position for them to take advantage; likewise this happens after I make a match. What I’m not particularly seeing is skulls dropping directly into place, or 4-of-a-kind dropping directly, for the AI. In short, it’s acting as if the combo breaker has been nerfed, but not completely turned off.

Again though, I noticed this before the 2.0 update. It seems much, much worse after the update.

Combo breaker is (intentionally) off for Ranked PVP. I’m not sure about Casual though.

Casual is completely at the mercy of difficulty! No pun intended and it gives trophies.

I have played through the quests and ranked pvp and I would agree that the AI is being favored by RNGesus over us mere mortals.

I’m not one to say that wantonly but I have seen far too many 7+ cascades in battles today.

I wonder if combo breaker got accidentally turned off for everything rather than just Rank PVP

To my knowledge Combo Breaker was removed when 109 came out to get ready for 2.0

Same here, it’s very frustrating seeing even in the arena how u loose with ridiculous amount of luck from the AI. It gets extra turns, perfect timed skulls, or simply extra gem matches… It feels so unbalanced and annoying

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Ranked is completely at the mercy of Mercy!


I didn’t realize this. I thought it was supposed to be on for ranked PVP.

Now I want the person responsible for that decision to be mauled by goblins. That is absolutely unacceptable.

It was heavily discussed with 109. The reason is that you can’t have a Ranked PvP system where people are fighting at different difficulty levels. Casual Mode was created as feedback from people who hate playing without the option.

That’s crap, though. In casual mode you can’t get tier rewards, which was always the main point of PVP. This change was stupid and should be killed with fire.

I disagree with that. I thought the main point was to play against user created teams.