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Where's the AI's combo breaker?

The devs recently added a “combo breaker”…I think,I don’t know,Apparently the combo breaker only works for the player and not the AI. Ever time I fight a looping team with gem spawn every match it puts on the board gets a 4 or 5 match,but when I do it,it may land once,then,it will never give me another 4 or 5 match. Can someone explain this to me,because it’s getting to the point of frustration seeing the AI infinitely loop while I just have to sit there and take it.

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BTW I don’t mind if a defense team can loop,i’m saying that the endless AI loop is bothersome when there is clearly a combo breaker in place for the player but I have yet to see the AI get their loop broken.

Seems like AI combo breaker got broken somewhere. It seems to work sometimes while in some setups, it clearly fails. Really hard to tell what is going on.

The assets of a player are (giving for granted the knowledge of troops and their traits) strategy and RNG.
The same is for the AI, but being strategy a very difficult skill for a machine that’s not a supercomputer, AI wins because of cascades more often than a player does.

So the feelings of a player, after a defeat, are mostly of frustration: “I haven’t done a single move wrong!” or “I never had the chance of placing more than two moves!”. The point is that the only way for the AI to win against a skilled player is because of RNG and cascades.

The game isn’t cheating, it’s just countering humans :slight_smile:

I still have some doubts:

  • does the “player’s luck” change if your opponent is of a high level?
  • do some troops trigger a particular RNG behaviour (excluding storms)?
  • does AI "foresee one or two lines of the gems that will enter the board?

I will probably never be able to figure these doubts out, but as a conclusion:
Cascades really really suck, but at the moment they’re necessary.


I have been noticing the AI getting a lot more lucky breaks recently. Extra turn after extra turn after extra turn. I don’t know if anything actually changed, I have no data to back it up, but it sure FEELS like it changed. I could just be having a bad week, lol

Twice weeks in a row now a gob team got 1 explode off and explochained me into oblivion (GW match). Nobend has 1/3 chance, fizzy 1/2. They chained each other, with the Queen sometimes in between, at a 100 percent rate (about 10 times). Thats just crazy statistical nonsense, and bad coding.

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100 times this. There is no excuse for a 33% chance and a 50% chance to trigger every single time, and just ruin your day. It IS bad coding, and is unacceptable.


101 times this. Fizzy explodes 90% of the time. I don’t use her anymore since after being nerfed she’s useless to the player, but I use Nobend and I’m positive they don’t nearly explode that often for me.


Sorry to hear that but you’re not alone. Lost 2 guild wars matches last week on turn one (if you don’t count the last few moves with the 1 or 2 low life troops left).
Gotta love those sirens initiating a few minutes worth of looping.

Its christmas - give the developers a break - some people just cant handle the festive cheer and get tetchy.

You need to make allowances for the developers excesses this time of year, and just ignore the rubbish.

Just try to Enjoy your game and don’t take it seriously.

Just popping by to let you know that we haven’t changed how the combo breaker works. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely been different since the update. This is the third time something like this happened to me today. Courtesy of mobile Ranked PvP. Caught a SS right before they finished me for good. I made one move the entire match.


So if it hasn’t changed. Then it’s definitely broken and needs to be changed.


It’s definitely significantly broken. To the point where you just can’t win against that team. At all. Like, ever.

I’ve unfortunately been saying this to the customer service email for the last 2 months now… Nothing but excuses from them an "I’m sorry you had a bad match"
Yeah, only getting 1 move is a “bad match”…

Excluding all the times I win against that team, you mean? Which is “almost always”, for the record. Sure, I’ve also lost against that team due to some unfortunate RNG, but…them’s the breaks.

Another thing that’s been bothering me is the AI is gonna win no matter what feeling,it’s already set in stone on certain matches what games you’re gonna lose. You can pretty much call the lose right from the start,just by mostly how the board looks. The way the gems fall in favor for AI,and not you,you’re trying your darndest,and doing everything you can,but no matter how long you play a match,summon,get no cascades in your favor,it feels like that match was yours to lose no matter what. I’m certain this has been said before.


i know those matches. my advice. retreat. it’s not worth it. it was by design for you to lose.


That last one was a guild wars match,can’t retreat. I knew right from the get go I was gonna lose. No mana surges,all the colors on the board where in the defenses favor,etc. I have a 62% chance on a mana surge and got maybe 3 that whole match,oh,but the AI’s mana surge was every turn. It’s bs.


My only counter to this is something I’ve found as I get more troops:

This game is about playing a very efficient looping team and having the luck for it to feed itself. So long as you don’t completely miss an on-color match, your result is decided by if the RNG puts the colors you need in the right places. I really hesitate to call “Gee do I match yellow, which nothing on my team uses, or purple, which would fill my The Dragon Soul?” strategy. I find “Oh, I can cause a cascade if…” comes up so rarely I don’t count it either. Every game my goal is to start looping TDS as soon as I can, then just repeatedly mash its spell until I win. “Strategy”.

This morning, I had 4 or 5 straight games where my first 10 moves only allowed me green or black matches. That’s not a good way to fill up TDS. I lost each of those games. There was no “strategy” involved: purple and red simply weren’t on the board. The end. It didn’t really matter what team the other side ran.

This game wouldn’t work if it had actual PvP. The only reason it’s any fun at all is stomping the AI 60% or so of the time feels neat.

I don’t even mean it as a criticism, it’s just something I’ve embraced. The only “smart” move I made was building a team with TDS.

I know luck and RNG factor in to every match. I just find it peculiar that the current forest trool,nyx,kraken,mab combo rarely misses,and never brakes it’s loop once it gets started. Now,I have a team to counter that one which I wasn’t using at the time but no matter what I was using,those particular teams seem to lately be able to continuously loop even though they claim they have a combo breaker in place for the AI as well as the player. That’s a great team,and hard to beat if you’re not using the counter teams,but hit after hit,way more then 5x in a row of landing that combo is wicked suspicious. I’m not a sore loser,it’s just apparent that if the AI is in control of the loop it has more of a chance hitting those 4 or 5 matches then the player. I could be wrong. As for those determined to lose matches well I don’t wanna really discuss that,just getting that one off my chest. Still love the game,hate not knowing if i’m being swindled in some matches.