AI Combo Breaker

So you know how there is a Player-Human Combo breaker, How about adding that to the damn AI and computer? Like seriously! I’ve played over like 60k pvp battles, + Guild wars. It always seems to amaze me how you can literally have a match going your way, and within one little thing, bam. You just sit and watch until you’re dead. I don’t remember much times where I can go 1st turns wins. or just literally off winning a match and then out of no where bam, you get looped to hell. I am only saying this because I did play a VJM combo, was interesting. I had them all down to less then 20 health, killed Khorvash at the top, and I was getting troops mana up, and their valk casted, and bam it was over, between, Valk Justice, mab, they looped until I retreated basically with a ancient horror being left… all over 100 + Stats, besides Justice. No,I do not want to run “freeze” in EVERY single team because I want to stop this nonsense. Shoot, mabs in half the teams there is… But just a thought I really think should be looked into, IN alot of my matches, I feel like it’s almost impossible to loop as like the AI does sometimes, and with the random cascades and blah. Whatever, just my cookie in the cookie jar.


We are collectively living with the mistake of the Guardians existing in the first place.

No, I can’t let it go lol

I lost a game on my first move in gw today, against team goblin. I just sat there and watch untill the end. And when I play with goblins, I dont have so much lucky cascades and 4-5 match gem turns :frowning:

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Extra turns are indeed out of control.
For goblins, just « explode » and « extra-turn » on the same card is a basic error, I can’t imagine why it passed the design team.

The other problems are self filling troop, like guardians or any other troop that creates it’s own mana.

Finally , cascades after explosions are completely bunkers, and unpredictable.

Sad thing is, every card is tested against Mab, so it all looks balance to them.

As long as the dev’s favorite troop is Mab, we are stuck using her too because of her unique trait that the entire game is balanced around.


Totally agree. Troops that cause a storm of their mana color combined with explodes, like infernus, are the worst imo. Even on a mythic self filling multiple times like that is a bit op.

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I’m going to agree with this up to the day I get Infernus.

Then it will be working as intended. (Just like how Soulforge was “fixed” by giving people Pharos-Ra.)


Soulforge is not “fixed”, the devs simply addressed the easy part, forcing Pharos-Ra to appear, which was a popular demand and was as well a christmas gift.

I imagine the coding necessary to make an automatic rotation allowing a better distribution of Mythics availability takes time for various reasons:

  • What happens when a new Mythic is released? As it wasn’t among the last week’s Mythics available then it could appear next week in Soulforge, and theorically some players would have a chance to craft it right away, so they probably want to prevent this situation.

I’m honestly sympathetic for the issues that are currently bugging you and others. And it’s a bad sign when the sourness of waiting for so long drips on each post of good forum contributors such as you…

But still, there is no way to address, properly, some problems. I heard a saying that goes more or less like this:

“A woman needs nine months to give birth, even if you had three wives pregnants¹ you wouldn’t get your son or daughter delivered in three months…”

¹: Also just imagine the troubles you would have with the cravings of each one… :sweat_smile:

Almost, you forgot that the Infernus team you are up against will have to kill one of your troops before it can activate the fire storm(Infernus 2nd trait) and might then be deadly. How often do CPU manage to kill one or more of your troops on a general basis, then how often does it manage to kill one or more of your troops when you are up against an Infernus team?

In regular pvp? I lose a lot of troops. I spend most of my time there and i go for speed so it’s cutting it close a lot of fights. And three days a week i use infernus for gw so i run those teams quite bit in pvp the night before, so once any troop dies it’s a race to explode first so i don’t hand the game over to the ai. He’s great to use, i took tds out of my main team and put him in instead because he does more damage i think it goes a little faster. When i didn’t have him in i definitely lost more troops and if my exploder, tds, died it almost always went south. A few times he resurrected more than once and kept dying because infernus kept refilling. I use him to loop, because that’s the safest way to guarantee a win. But just because i do doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel a little broken while i’m doing it.

To be fair, Mab is my favourite troop, not the team’s. I just have a bit of a Mabsession, as it were.

We have talked at length about our AI in the past and we are happy with how it is behaving currently.

So i have to run mab in all my teams to be most effective and to just stop the ai got it…


I’m trying really hard to let less of it sneak in, I feel like late-December especially I got really mean.

Arena/Soulforge are pet issues and I can’t stop myself once I think of bringing them up. I’m working on it. I’d kind of not like to be known as “that guy who writes good posts but always ends up being a jerk” even if it’s too late to dodge that. I really appreciate the compliment and do not deny that I put a bitter taste in most of my posts.

I’m trying. The game’s really fun. I think some of the biggest “issues” are actually what makes it neat.

Without spending pages on it, it comes down to, “I have no way to know what the devs are actually working on. The new kingdom is the only announced current work. So if I assume they’re working on nothing I care about, I have no way to prove it.”

I have to stop here. I almost made a bitter joke. I’m saving this joke for a week or two. :wink:

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@Strawnyy Of course you don’t have to run Mab! (Though she is awesome!) There are a few builds which can help with countering, they just might not be super fast. You could pop in Psion or Khorvash or even Famine and keep draining everyone’s Mana if you so wished. :slight_smile:

@Slypenslyde we are indeed working on the new kingdom release. We are also working on the 3.3 update which will include some bug fixes as well as new features. We typically stay a little hush hush about updates as sometimes we can’t include everything we wanted too and don’t want to disappoint our playerbase. Dawnbringer in Arena is an issue we are looking into as well. (Did this help shed even a little light on what we are up too?)


Sad thing is I used to use Umberwolf and TDS combo. Naturally Umberwolf just sat there, but it was a pretty effective, until the others exploders took over…

I have no problem using explorers and storms, but I don’t think that should ever be the same troop like infernus.

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@Saltypatra Hehehe :wink:

Don’t worry, it’s understandable how it feels sometimes.

There’s 3 types of teams in PvP: teams with Queen Mab, teams attempting to counter Queen Mab, and non-viable teams. As much as I tried to resist and find teams that could reliably counter, eventually I had to suck it up and run my own Queen Mab team. You can run a counter team, but even that will lose sometimes due to how much more powerful she is than nearly all other troops and the length of combos that can happen. Since there haven’t been any nerfs of her, I can only conclude that this was intentional by the devs for whatever reason. Honestly, if someone doesn’t like it I encourage them to run a Mab team of their own, because it might take 80%+ of the community running the same team or variation in order to force a fix of the meta.

Queen Mab is essentially powerless against impervious or mana-shielded troops. There are times when other troops with good synergy can overwhelm a team, but my anti-mab team never loses because Mab is overpowered.

You could, but you would still lose. When the ai goes on a rip, it pretty much ends the match, regardless of these troops. You won’t have time to fill them before it’s over. I find that a lot of the “strategy” is just an illusion in these cases. I can fight the nobend dungeon team and lose miserably when the “cascade of turns” starts, then beat them the next match with the very same team played as before. It’s not about losing, it’s about the way you lose that makes it frustrating. Honestly, about the only time I ever lose to the ai is when it goes on a never-ending turn spree.

TL;DR- More strategy, less luck would be more fun!


The issue there is that I usually don’t see really good troops with Impervious(mythics notwithstanding), so if you’re running those types of teams they may be underpowered overall even though they do the one thing well. TDS is the only good mana-shielded troop I can think of off the top of my head, but they’re susceptible to freezing as well as other troops on your team anyways. You can certainly create teams that can beat Queen Mab, but I’ve never actually run across a counter team that I can’t at least approach a 50% win rate against. Because I can win with it even against counter teams, there’s little reason not to run Queen Mab, at least until counter teams become ubiquitous.