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One last attempt: 2 moves in one turn has to go!

And before you start running tests and tell us how fair it is: you’re missing the point… it isn’t fun!

People have been posting this exact same thing for years now, first in Puzzle Quest and now in Gems of War. You keep defending it as being fair, but that’s not what this is about.

You even said that you have code in place to prevent it, but it’s only enabled for matches on normal difficulty. Which means it wouldn’t take that much work to enable it ALL the time, and get rid of this once and for all.

For the record, we’re talking about 4er and 5er moves just keep falling into the screen, one after the other… Or even just 15 3er moves just forming one after the other, often combined with a 4er in between, so that it can all happen again, in one turn.

We are not talking about looping teams, that generate blue gems for example, to try and make 4ers/5ers themselves to keep going.

Please for once respond to the issue not being fun, instead of being fair. If you remove it for both player and AI, it is just as fair as it is now…

The game is already very random… And a lot of that randomness is not something you can easily fix.
This issue however, should have died a long long time ago…


Yeah, I feel you. When I was playing yesterday the AI had a cascades chain so long that I decided to get up from the chair, go down the stairs and reconnect with my family.

When I came back (my daughters grew up so much!) the freaking AI was still going.


There are two combo breakers already in code they could use, both of which are disabled in ranked pvp in gw battles.

The first stops dropping gems from creating 4 or 5 matches.

The second stops RANDOM gem spawners from generating instant 4 or 5 matches.


they do have a combo breaker like that?
that doesnt really feel good if it was implemented on every difficulty and only for the ai…

and if i think that it would be implemented for the player too and my looper (creators) deck would have to stop looping after just 5 casts it doesnt feel good either


I’ve been hearing about this issue on console for some time. I don’t have any kind of console to see this myself, though it sounds very frustrating! Did somebody capture a video of this insanity in action?

Personally, I’d rather keep the fun of those rare moments where you have glorious luck and are able to wipe the entire team in a single round. And because players are better than the AI, it will always be more likely for players than the AI.

Making this change would really be cutting off your nose to spite your face.


Yes it is, and that’s why you are playing a match 3 game :yum:. If you don’t want super lucky moments vs super unlucky moments, there are other games out there like PES, street fighter or even chess.

Complaining about luck being too important in a match 3 game is like complaining about luck being too unimportant in a football game. In some games luck has a lot of weight, in others it doesn’t, but changing this weight would change the game experience itself.

For me, the best victory is a crushing victory, and the best defeat is a crushing defeat! :smiling_imp:


I don’t think the “just piss off” attitude is what anyone is waiting for, nor making the forums any better.

And if they were rare occurrences, nobody would be posting about it.
I haven’t had a session lately where it didn’t happen multiple times, and on consoles it is totally out of whack.

By adding guild wars, which makes the game a lot more strategic (as you can’t just skip the match), it ruins all the strategy.

You can have one or the other… not both.


Human starts always the battles, this is among the biggest adventage I have seen in any game, how can CPU win a match against Human if they will likely never get a cascade or two? On PC/Mobile humans gets (lucky?) cacades maybe 9 times more than the CPU. I can only talk for PC/Mobile.

I am not talking about a cascade or two… I’m talking about opponent turns where it is over 10 combines in a row, and often even more then that. Especially on consoles (PS4) this happens a ton.

Ah, I cant remember last time that happened against me, I am a very active PC/Mobile player. So then it is most likely something with the console version(s).

How often does the CPU on consoles get a 10-20 moves in one turn?

Some team can effectively do it,


Is one off these team when you don’t have mab to stop it or just a bad starting board and justice will keep casting and getting extra turn until mab is full then she make her magic then justice keep going untill AI hit a lucky skull during cascade or untill mab killed everyone

On console, every guild war sessions.
And to be very specific, I am talking about the AI making 1 move, and then the 3 that fall into the screen make a new move, the 3 that fall in then, again make a 3 or 4er move, and this just keeps going on.

I am NOT talking about AI using cards that generate certain gem colors, that is a valid strategy.

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If I were experiencing 15-20 cascades every 3-5? Games I would be very frustrated too. As it is constantly occurring why don’t you capture a few videos? I would really like to see this.

If your on Xbox it is completely beyond all simplicity. One button to stream (with absolutely NO setup before). Select Broadcast Your game from the left panel, It will use Mixer. Or use Twitch still easy to do. Or capture a video using two button presses: 1. GUIDE then 2. Y button.

PlayStation has similar options.


That team is DEADLY when played by the console AI once it gets charged up. But I don’t think the poster was referring to generators.

Edit oh wait that’s my defend team, are you telling me something @Rickygervais ?

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I’ll try and make a capture of it and post it. Last time I made a movie from a match it was 350 Mb, and I didn’t know how to post it (or make it smaller).

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I am also wondering why it is so few console players that comes here and back you up, @Mad_butch , shouldn’t every console player experienced the same patterns of the CPU over a fair amount of time?


I’ve some experience of the console game (level 300+ on PS4) and it’s definitely streakier than the iOS version for long cascades. They can swing matches, which happens far less on iOS.

Not so often that I’d raise hell for the devs to fix it though.


If you’re on PS4, you can open a video in the capture gallery and use the tools there to edit it down to a more manageable length (I assume X-Box has similar capabilities). I found the interface to be really clunky and unintuitive, but even with very little practice, I was able to do it. Then you can upload the shortened video to the forum. Or, you can upload the entire video to a video streaming service like YouTube and post a link here.

It actually happened 3 matches in a row this morning, I never even finished the last match, just hit the PS button and uninstalled the crap.

It’s a fun game, when it’s fun. But when it pulls this abuse on you, it’s absolutely enraging.
Since I don’t need my blood pressure raised any further, it’s time to move on.

Like everyone else who used to complain about this I guess :slight_smile:

The PC/mobile version is not as bad (cascade wise), not great either, but nowhere as bad.
Let’s hope we don’t get this crap on PC/Mobile with the switch to the unity engine.