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Request AI refinement

On my phone, so short and sweet. Made an account just to request this. AI sucks. Noticed this while playing and I’m sure my PVP defense team is behaving the same way (and losing!) Troops with bonuses towards specific other troops DON’T utilize them. Example, when I fight a team with a card that deals extra damage towards Fey (and I have a Fey troop), it rarely, if ever, actually targets my Fey troop. Enemy troops that apply Hunter’s Mark never target my first card. Etc., etc., etc. The rain I bring this up is because my PVP defense team has a Fortress Gate and Sparkgrinder with Alcolyte and Deep Borer to feed the gate. I have actually used this team in PVP invasions and can easily buff the crap out of the gate to get crazy high Armor and Attack, and Sparkgrinder buffing the gate is the key because the gate is a Construct, but I’m convinced that the AI just rolls a 1d4 whenever Sparkgrinder fills up and it’s just a crap shoot if he’s gonna target my gate of not. A simple, LOGICAL, AI could fix that. If Sparkgrinder had full mana and you have a Construct on the team, then target the Construct. (this same logic would obviously apply to any other cards that benefit from targeting specific player or enemy troops.)


ITT: people bitch about the bad AI, dev team fixes, people bitch about unbeatable AI

(I don’t disagree really, I just think they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.)


What level are you?

why would anyone want better ai? make it worse please.


What Lyya said.

I can appreciate your view; however, I am only about level 550 and even then, if the AI gets in a few “lucky punches”–depending on the fielded cards–it can have me on the ropes.

It is very difficult to balance these things. And I, for one, don’t want a simple, logical AI that ends up locking the pod bay doors and forcing me to release an unconscious astronaut into the void of space…

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If you ever want this, let me know :wink:

I’m sorry Dave…


I’ve said this many times before, and I know I’m not the only one, but I think they should make an “Easy Mode” where you get negative modifiers to your rewards but the AI is much less likely to get cascades.

It’s called the “Combo Breaker”

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Clearly it’s not enough though, based on all the complaints we regularly see. Some people definitely want a “Super Combo Breaker”.

Console players just want A Combo Breaker, they took ours away… :cry:

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Only 150something. Been dreading the 200 mark. From what I’ve read in the forums, it hits the fan after that.

Yup. The AI certainly does become more competent as you gain levels, and in the grand scheme of the Gems of War leveling system (which goes as high as 1000) you’re still pretty close to the bottom. Maybe wait until you hit 200 or even 250, then see if you still have this same complaint about the AI being dumb.

What if easy mode made it so the opponent could not get extra turns or cascades?

What would be the point of playing the game then? There is no challenge there. Just place a “WIN” button there and move on.



It’s very simple to your opponent to beat your defense team if you are using fortress gate in first position. They just intentionalt leave it skulls, and al will always take them. You are doing 3 by 3 damage while not gaining any mana. You should consider changing that team.

Sirrian already confirmed that we are getting one in the future so i guess we just move on. Also you can win games without cascades and extra turns, it just takes longer.


Here’s the advantage of the current system:

If the AI is simple & fixed, you can design new cards that play well with it.

If the AI knows more about the game, then you need to update the AI every time you add new cards & features.\

Both approaches have merit - but one is less ongoing work… which saves cycles for new creating new cards!

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