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AI Combo Breaker

My entire approach to the meta is to build teams that do one thing well, so when i play a PVP session, I’m usually using about 6 or 8 different teams depending on what defense teams are coming up against me (I have an anti-Mab team, an anti-Goblin team, an anti-dragon team, an anti-Psion/famine team, several hard-looping teams, etc.). I don’t see this as a problem; the problem would be if I could create a single team that will easily win against anything.


I attempted to create an anti-Mab team that relied on Amira. Amira did well against Queen Mab, and sometimes the team would win. Unfortunately, Amira is kind of a one trick pony where it would lose to Kraken or another strong troop that you commonly find paired with Mab. The result is that I would only win maybe 50% of the time, if the AI got any reasonable number of loops in I would lose regardless. I use a Dwarf team in some cases where the opponent has some devour and the team is decently strong against Mab, but I will win the vast majority of the time just using Mab over and over again. I certainly see the appeal of doing what you’re doing, for the sake of variety and fun, but I don’t see it as necessary when I can just run Mab and win mostly irregardless of what team I’m up against.

I use Gorgotha, Khorvash, Amira and Wulfgarok(or Manticore if you don’t have Wulfy). An impervious troop in last slot prevents Kraken from devouring. Gorgotha tanks, generates mana for all and self-cleanses. Khorvash fills off Blue and provides damage, mana-drain and is a good secondary-tank. Wulfgarok boosts Amira’s true-damage by 5 (10 against Blue troops) and will occasionally be useful for a 2-for-1 kill. If you don’t have Wulfy, Manticore provides a targeted mana drain which will usually fill off a single green match. Neither Amira (unless stunned) nor Wulfy/manticore can be damaged by Mana Drain. Amira, especially if boosted by Wulfgarok, will generally one-shot kill any blue troop. Against very strong opponents, I may need to choose the order of targeting. That is, I may need to kill Mab (who usually has the highest life) last, which i want to do anyway since she can’t hurt my last two troops.

I use this team only against teams that are build around Blue troops (Justice League, Mab/Khorvash teams, etc.) Against a good team getting good luck, I may lose a troop or two (usually only when a Khorvash can cast 3 or more times), but it is extremely rare to lose when you use this team against its intended target.

If this one doesn’t suit you, my wife uses Khorvash, Spirit Fox, Amira, Wulfy/manticore, which is a little slower to collect mana, but also starts with 1.5 filled mana-drain troops.

I get what you’re saying here, but that isn’t my style. My lifetime invade win rate is over 95%, and tends to drop when I try to use a one-size-fits-all approach.


I never lose to Mab teams because of Gloom Leaf, she just simply can’t do anything to it and because there are generally always a couple of mana generators there is only one other damage troop, so I just focus on them first.

As an aside, I have been seeing Nyx pop up a lot lately in Mab/Kraken teams.

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Unfortunately I’ve yet to get Khorvash as well. I do think I could beat that team with my current Mab team honestly. Just saw a suggestion to run Nyx, so after swapping out Sea Troll for it I’m currently running Forest Troll/Nyx/Kraken/Queen Mab. It’s been brutally effective, particularly against some of the mythics I had a little more trouble against since the drain just keeps that machine going. I would find it interesting to go up against your team, but I do think mine would win at least sometimes(probably not near 100%).

Yes, and I can use a knife as a screwdriver, but that doesn’t mean I should. I don’t put this team on defense (even on blue days) because it isn’t built for defending against an unknown opponent that may or may not have blue troops. It is built to systematically dismantle certain teams built around Mab, Justice, Khorvash, Mercy, etc., and with the advantage of scouting and first move, it seldom fails in that task.

On the flip side, I also have a Mab team that is very powerful and can win against a lot of things, but I don’t bother using it against teams with Mana shield or impervious because other things work so much better, even if that one would probably win most of the time. I’m sorry you don’t have Khorvash yet. Hopefully we’ll get a Leonis event soon and you can target him with Event keys. He might even be worth spending diamonds on if he comes up in the soulforge.

Right, I’m just illustrating the point that I have little need to use any team other than Mab on offense. I know a team more specifically crafted to beat yours would have a higher win rate, but Mab has the advantage of having a chance against yours while simultaneously beating nearly any other team regardless of composition. On defense, people using Mab or anti-Mab teams might win sometimes or even pretty often(going first is a big advantage, you’re going to lose sometimes no matter what team you use), but people who don’t have a team like that will almost always lose. It skews the entire metagame in that direction. That to me is the definition of overpowered.

Khorvash is one of the best legendaries in the game and one that I’ve wanted for a long time since I have a fun monster team that is pretty decent(The Great Maw/Kraken/Crimson Bat/Behemoth), but I just haven’t been able to get it for the life of me. I do check the Soulforge each week though hoping it comes up.


Just wanna clarify my comment was based on the Wisp debacle, when it was tested fine because Mab teams did okay, and then followed by Fizzbang, who was also « okay » because Mab could beat it.

Let’s get back on track, and suggest fix to exposions.
Maybe reduce mana collected?

I don’t see explosions themselves as an issue. They’re viable and can be good, and with some luck can win you games, but that’s by design. I don’t think they’re significantly better than other mana generating options like creating gems or destroying x random gems. That’s the variety of the game. Fizzbang was rightfully nerfed, and I haven’t seen Wisp once in PvP after hundreds of games so I assume that’s been nerfed too. The devs have said that they want to reward cascades, so if you’re worried about them you might be playing the wrong game.

The real issue here is actually Queen Mab, in that it’s able to significantly slow or shut down every aforementioned strategy by herself while still being able to deal significant damage AND get a free turn.

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Just disagree about explosions.
Sure, controlled explosions, like say 1 gem or 1 row are okay.
If you blow, say, Flesh Golems, that’s 24 gems. Minus a few skulls, at 70%, you’ll get about 13 mana with little to no bonus cascades.

With a massive exploder (Gorg, Fizz, Ragn, etc) you almost blow the full 64 gems. So let’s say 50, minus some skulls, you still produce easily 30 mana, BEFORE the inevitable cascades and high probability of extra turns. That is enough to fill up a Mythic or 2 regular cards, most often the full team if you already had some mana.

The converters produce well, but only 1 color.

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I think I’m going to change my mind on explosions here… The fact that they seem to be on virtually every single team accompanying mythics says something. I saw them less among lower level teams, but when they’re so ubiquitous it says something.