AI gets really lucky

It might be just me but since the ps4 update it seems that the AI is getting really lucky and its total bs. Its almost like cheating.


I’m on PC but last night I had a battle that the AI went through a run of 12 match fours in the top 3 lines of the board. So there was no set up and dropping existing gems to get the match - it was just what the RNG decided to give the enemy. I’ve said it many times in other threads but without combo breaker to stop the AI luck this game isn’t near as fun anymore.

It isn’t cheating. It’s just luckier than us humans.

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When luck goes the human’s way, s/he sees it as skill, or unremarkable. When luck goes the computer’s way, s/he sees it as cheating.

Hell, I’ve coded random sequences in the past for AI, and I’ve caught myself accusing myself of biasing the results against me. That’s how strong recall bias is.


I have never had 12 match 4’s drop onto the board with no effort required. :thumbsdown:

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The AI just gets lucky sometimes. Yesterday I had a Venoxia chain four consecutive casts of its spell – and filled its mana a fifth time – before I took another turn. I’ve also gotten hilariously lucky and had streaks continue when they ought not to have.

Try keeping a running total of all the times you got a turn extension you didn’t plan vs all the times the AI does. I would be curious to hear what data you come up with.


If I had a Lava Traitstone for every player that cries about computer luck or cheating I would have my Jarl fully traited by now and be burning everything alive on a match4/5…forgetting the simple fact that it is not the case lets examine it from a developers angle and imagine a meeting that according to your complaint would go something like this:

Dev 1: I have come up with a brilliant plan to reduce player numbers and lower new signups.

Dev 2: Welll do tell.

Dev1: We make it so the AI side cheats and make it so obvious that even really dumb players can realise it and this will make them all quit and moan about it so much the new player will hear about it on other forums and not join our game. This will lead to finacial ruin but I think it is a solid plan.

Dev2: Well I have read the posts of some of them guys that like to moan, we really are gonna have to make it obvious…but in theory your plan works for me.

Ok now I know that the above really didn’t happen that is so obvious…there are way more than 2 Devs…

Let all future players please read this and understand that unless you want a big red win button to press everytime and 0 challenge be it from a tough AI or just the same RNG you have then take the unlucky loss and move onto the next battle and if your gonna hate anyone hate all those people that never taught you to lose when growing up…

Rant over…off to play…lets hope I get lucky :slight_smile:


Either recall bias or lucky ai is lucky but overall you never know.

that is the one problem with statistics. if you do enough, you will see that the ai is fair. but is sure does get “lucky” how about those games where it gets only 1 extra turn the entire time!

i mean i finished a bunch of farm in adana and they only got like 5 or 6 hits on me (i was using gob shaman, dryad, tryi tyri) on hard or warlord 1 depending on my mood. Not even enough damage to kill 1 of my troops let alone all 4. So for every time you see a lucky streak, dont look at your lucky streak - look at the AI’s UNlucky streak :slight_smile:

Random number generators aren’t really random. They could have a poor pseudo random number generator or they don’t seed it properly.

There is one challenge I do where you always start with 2 groups of 4 yellow gems on the right of the screen. Probably the whole board is the same.

I made a topic before on that. Combo breaker should be on for AI only when low levels or for both later on. But turning it off for the AI without any player control is not enjoyable from my point of view.
I had couple of cases where I got my team half destroyed because of a crazy amount of luck from the AI side. Is that true randomness? Probably. But it does not mean that it is fun and should be kept as is. The combo breaker was introduced for that very reason.

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Yep I agree. I had it where AI had 4 in a row got an extra turn and then 4 skulls pop down in a row and gave the AI a massive hit and an extra turn. What kind of bs is that lol. Not very fun when bs happens like that.

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I have matched 3 hoping to not hit the opponent (i was trying to stall for tyri) just to watch 3 skulls fall and kill the opponent.

An alternative for Combo-Breaker turning off in Hard Mode could be Combo-Breaker turning on for the player.

This would limit your luck streaks as well, keeping the reduced AI streaks to a minimal and overall reducing recall bias. I don’t personally take credit for this idea, but I do believe it’s a good one that should be considered.

If one extreme doesn’t work (turning Combo-Breaker off), then try the other extreme (Combo-Breaker applies equally).


I think that’s already the case (but I would agree that it would be better). One could also make the AI smarter and find that a 3 gem match would trigger a match 4 afterwards.

We both know @Zelfore that those that complained before would still complain cos the extra luck they were getting was the only thing making them halfway decent lol :slight_smile:

brah, it all simply comes down to: THIS GAME IS A SLOT MACHINE.

enjoy it, its addictive.

No, it really isn’t. Team comp and Skill is far more important than luck.


Most of the problem is that it’s allowed to get lucky. As I understand it, on the PC the AI will never pass up a 4-match or a skull match. Here in console-land, sometimes it does, and when it passes up skull match in favor of a 3-match only to have the top row fall in with 4 skulls (and so on), our monkey brain’s confirmation bias thinks that happens more often than the times when is does a 3-match for no good reason.

(Also, the AI seems to completely give up once it’s down to a single troop, only taking skull matches maybe 20% of the time or so then. Does the PC version do that?)

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PC and console AI is identical.

AI makes a few deliberate “mistakes” until your player level hits a certain threshold. This is true on all platforms.

Perhaps it’s a mechanism to complete the endgame more quickly?

You shouldn’t take it for granted that a 1-hitpoint opponent with 6 damage won’t wipe out the 10HP last member of your team. The A.I. has taken my team to town and cleaned the bar floor with me on more than one occasion.