AI gets really lucky

From what I’ve seen, it is meant to end quickly. Has it ever crossed your mind that the actual outcome of the battle has been determined before it begins? Furthermore, that whatever variant the Devs coded to either hasten, or prolong the battle is added to the AI script to make it more unpredictable during the match? In other words, just when you thought you had figured it out, the AI surprises you somehow which comes across as cheating.

That’s not cheating. I’m honestly impressed with the devs’ thought process to make the AI rather interesting [aka challenging] to the human player. Just my take on it, of course.

I think you’re overthinking it. It would require a ton of effort to create an AI with that level of sophistication, when you could just make it (pseudo-)random instead.

We humans are pattern-matchers by our very nature. Give people enough digits of pi and they’ll find everything in there from winning lotto numbers to the number of inches of rain on a given week in Portland, Oregon.

I know how you feel, though. Sometimes when I get on an unlucky streak, I start to feel like the game is “out to get me.” That doesn’t mean that the numbers are any less random.


EXCUSE me? The actual outcome of GoW battles are NOT predetermined before we begin each match.

My gosh, I’m practically spluttering even thinking about that possibility. Has it occurred to you that to make this game enticing as well as challenging, the devs weight each and every game board and every Treasure Map board in favour of the player actually winning, no matter how remote it may seem?

There’s a huge hint in favour of this scenario given that the devs, in the past, have chosen to name the game playing field as “the puzzle board”. A puzzle board implies each match poses a puzzle to unravel and you ‘solve’ it by winning.


Not really overthinking it. Just simple human observation on my part. The examples you cite, however, sound more like superstitions human beings tend to have when it comes to the laws of probability. My dad is one of those who likes to use certain numbers to increase his chance of winning the lotto. I could care less, but as long as it makes him happy, then I’m cool with it.

When it comes to this game, however, all I’m saying is that the AI is functioning exactly as it was programmed to, line by line.

I think we agree on this point. However, we disagree about the definition of “exactly as it was programmed to.” Without seeing the source code, and without statistically-meaningful sampling, it’s just opinions after that. When in doubt, I use Occam’s Razor to tiebreak, but you’re free to disagree.


I like your answer literally. I wish more humans could agree to disagree without taking it personally. The world would be a much better place. :slight_smile:

My point was that we notice when it makes a ‘mistake’ that happens to work out for it better than the ‘right’ move, and think that it happens more often than it actually does because humans aren’t really naturally good at perceiving probability.

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Sorry, but @Lyya’s right. You’re overthinking this.

Truth is, it’s FAR easier to create AI that relies on a random number generator than it is to create AI that subtly manipulates the game to a predetermined outcome while leaving players unaware that this is occurring.

At times, it seems like the AI is “cheating” because you aren’t recalling all the times things went your way as vividly as those moments when the AI gets multiple matches in a row. It’s human nature to try to pick out patterns in random events. If you don’t believe me, scan the forums for threads identical to this one. The story’s always the same, only the ways in which the AI is “cheating” are different each time. Not because it’s actually cheating, but because we’re prone to highlighting those moments when our emotions ran high – when you were angered by a cascade of matches for the AI – in our memories to the exclusion of more commonplace events – you scoring an impressive combo.


Perhaps Skynet had infiltrated and the AI is fiddling with the RNG prior to its drops…

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Again, not really. Apparently, you misunderstood what I was getting at. Furthermore, I did not claim that the AI cheats. Its doing what it is programmed to. Please don’t lump me with others who tend to only recall the bad moments over the good ones.

Hence the scare quotes. Your paragraph of theory doesn’t lend itself well to shorthand.

But whatever you want to call it, I can assure you, that’s not how the game functions.

no, team comp and skill goes some way but you can still be swamped by a bad drop completely by chance. Its a slot machine with the illusion of influence and thats allright, i still play it and im very picky.

I must agree to this Argument. Since the last Patch the AI got a good Buff. Thats just my subjective Feeling. But I think the majority of the Community see it similar. Personally I can deal with it :stuck_out_tongue:
Best Greets!

Uh, says the dev that refuses to see a bug until enough players report it.

All I did was raise a question to explore a certain observation to which it was received rather negatively by three people so far. It was not my intent to ruffle a few feathers. Such a shame it has to come to that over a game.

I’ll just keep to myself then. Lesson learned.

Well, there isn’t really that much to the game’s AI. The computer always knows what all the valid moves are, then it probably uses some random pick, but weighted heavily to prioritize 4 or 5 matches and skulls. Not even sure if the AI tries to pick a match that creates a combo.
If the AI was too good, human players would rarely win.

I wish the AI played to the level of a top human opponent then we could rid of all these “i hate to lose” people and just enjoy the game whatever the outcome.

No you dont. No one would play the game if the AI was really good. It would be really easy to make an almost unbeatable AI too, this isn’t chess. I forget the fancy word for it, but the 8 queens problem is a classic example of how.

that is called the harem predicament.

I would play, but thanks for trying to decide for me :slight_smile:

I don’t know. The’re a huge, huge advantage to going first in this game, big enough that a stronger AI that still played fair (didn’t have foreknowledge of drops) would still be fairly beatable most of the time.

(That advantage is why real PVP is probably impossible.)