Forced combo breaker in PvP? THAT DOES IT!

Seriously, devs? The patch that introduced the diff levels had a single good element, ability to kill that combo breaker nonsense that is only there to address the whining on the cheating AI (what is climed regardless by …)

And now you just take it away? PLEASE don’t.

Some portion of your player base is still out for a strategy game-a-like. Not just a mindless collection of irrelevant pixels.

The AI is gimped enough, too bad the diff levels were done the laziest way possible by multiplying stats instead of better play, but at least keel the gem generation symmetric.

Leave it to the player to set it this way or that way, the option already exist, why take it away?

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There’s already a thread dedicated to this discussion. And the news thread, which it’s still being discussed in despite the side-thread. I really wish we could lock this one. @Pasa, please take your convo to the existing thread rather than start a new one.

To be fair, this thread is SPECIFICALLY talking about combo breaker, not all the other things of the patch.

Nah, it’s the same as this thread: Difficulty removed from pvp

Forced combo breaker is happening as a result of difficulties being removed.

It’s also inflammatory.

Inflammatory is op’s shtick.


Agree, inflammatory is a clear part of @pasa’s natural charm and panache… For which we’re all obviously grateful… But we have two othe threads running this exact same debate and doing it better…

Let’s park this one please or just use it for random slander… Did I tell you the one about @Machiknight and the convent fire?

It wasn’t a convent, it was a monastery! And it wouldn’t have caught fire if they weren’t experimenting with the different beers they were brewing! I only wanted to sample a few…

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I wasn’t going to respond, as much as I wanted to jump on the slander bandwagon, in the hopes that this thread would die, but now that it’s officially derailed, I’d love to slander!

Did you hear the one about a certain Guild…

Was it the alchemists guild? They always charge too much for their healing potion.

Also, for the record, what’s the difference between a convent and a monastery? Is it that a monastery is always a convent but not necessarily the other way around?

Technically, a “monastery” or “nunnery” is a community of monastics, whereas a “convent” is a community of mendicants (“friary” specifying a male community specifically), and a “canonry” a community of canons regular. The terms “abbey” and “priory” can be applied to both monasteries and canonries and distinguish those headed by an Abbot from the lesser dependent houses headed by a Prior.

I’m aware of the other threads, they talk about a different aspect. IMO the forum has enough space.

Btw I thought the patch is a week away, just read it’s coming out in hours, so no hope on adjustments, too bad. I still don’t get the devs’ approach, if I was on the team would run the sneak peeks and previews well before the release to allow time for some feedback.

The more short-handed a team the more it can profit from enthusiasts.

Certainly only if the aim is to make a better game and player experience.

To address the original point, we’re not really forcing the combo-breaker ON all the time (in PvP), we’re gradually forcing it OFF as you move up ranks.

This is an essential step in creating the PvP ladders in 2.0 - we can’t really have a sensible ladder if people are playing different games on it.


Since Hard entered as possibility I played exclusively on that mode, So my combo breaker was off all the time that is the natural thing.

Compared to that it will now be forced off.

If the intent is to force hard-mode play over rank X, cool for me, but please leave me the option to play with the least dumbed ai option the rest too, I don’t even care if the multipliers are not increased.

Thank you for explaining it :slight_smile:

So as we move up in rank we will be gradually changed to what is currently Hard mode.

Will we still retain the rewards of playing at that setting or is this just another way to
reduce free to play resources and labelling it a quality improvement change?

Awww - you make us sound so mean!
We just removed the Gold cost from battles not long ago so you guys could get more stuff, and are giving more souls for Arena now and lots of Traitstones in Treasure Hunt :tired_face:


Number one fact you’ll have to accept as a developer and business man. (Not talking about you, Sirrian, just noting it down for any interested in the game making business, or really any business.)

You can not, nor shall you ever please everyone. Humans are fickle creatures with far more ideals than are realistically capable of being fulfilled.

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They have a point though. How will this difficulty change affect the bonus multipliers? Will they be fluid on a sliding scale, always give you hard’s or normal’s benefits, or will there be a hard tier you hit halfway to rank 1 where the multipliers jump up? Or something else? Are the multipliers getting a makeover?

Wl4 tier eventually, with no bonuses :slight_smile: