Tired of the AI not following it's own AI

Frustrated is what I am… I do like the game. I think it’s a very robust and solid system, however I do question the ‘randomness of the AI’ on specific actions.

There are times I swear that the AI does not want you to win and in fact even though the last three attacks were against one particular target, I have seen now more than 40 different battles the final ‘blow’ attack goes to some other target and that 'one target being left alive ends up turning the tides because of skulls dropping on draw.

Same goes for running out of gem matches, tend to happen more frequently on the AI side, always forcing the player to take some random set of gems that most of the time don’t work for them. And then when the gems redraw on the board the AI side has a lot more specific choices that match their needs.

I do stats, and the stats right now don’t look very random to me.

Frustration… between being presented the same times multiple times a day, and having different teams showing up in the defense logs that are ‘attacking me’ - again the AI seems to favor the opponent more often than not.

Unfortunately we’ve all had games like that. The most common reply is “recall bias”. The next is “bad run of luck”. The AI does get lucky. We also get lucky. Sometimes the balance seems off but the game isn’t cheating or against us. It’s just the way the board comes down. Not very helpful and I am sorry for that because I myself have posted very similar comments in the past with my own gameplay history. All you can do is keep playing and hope RNGeezus decides your worthy of his/her love. :wink:


Sure AI is rigged. Even though 90% of players has 90%+ win rate, the AI is not letting players win.

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You can’t deny that the AI is so stupid, that it needs RNG luck to compete with the player, can you @DonBoba?

… isn’t that kind of the point?


You mean the same luck you get more often than AL? But when it happens to you, you consider it’s because of your play not luck.
Numerous games out there with match 3 mechanic where you can see how gems dropping are in favour of AL. This isn’t the case here you just have the same chance. Add that you go first and that you can predict a 3 match that will result in a 4 match and that all can’t do that you get that 90% win rate.
But on the end of the day AL is not rigged and it’s normal that he gets a 4 drop every hundred drops.


Rigged? Are you talking about the AI that targets his spell on the one troop out of four that’s immune to it? Or the AI that joyfully takes a 3-skull match instead of finishing you off with a spell?

Sure, the AI is rigged. To the BENEFIT of the player.


Thanks collectorofgems. It just frustrates me sometimes and no, I don’t win 90% of the time (contrary to DonBoba…) Heck I’m lucky at 118 to win 1/2 the time.

I win 99%. .
I have a guy in my guild who has 800 wins in a row. .

A perfect explanation.

They sound extreme. Occasionally (very rarely) rng just leaves you with nothing to match while the AI gets monster cascades leaving you with your little panties around your ankles

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I don’t want to describe it as cheating or even rigged but it seems to me the AI depends on the card set it’s playing with, and that some card sets it just absolutely wins with.