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Goblin Rider 1 shot kills troop with 46 life+defense?

Great game, but 'splain to me:

One of the those “WTF?” moments when the first mana cast of Boar Rider one shot killed my The Dragon Soul with total of 46 health+defense. Huh? How is that possible? He takes out a row with fixed damage. Did I miss 10xskulls drop into that top cleared row? Hard reset iPad Mini and moved on, not worth wasting time on a buggy match like that.

Also, reduce the number of AI matchx4, matchx4, matchx4 with perfect drop for skullx3. It’s getting obvious when it sets up these drops. I just put down the iPad and come back a few minutes later when it starts up one of those combos.

Also, when there are no more moves and a shuffle happens, no skull matches should occur, especially when you are forced to matchx3 a color you don’t use and then get hit with skulls.

Back to the grind!