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I still say Bone Dragon is bugged

Or rather, how multiple skull matches are being counted on a nearly-full board of skulls. If BD fills before any of my troops do, it is able to one-shot my tank, which requires doing 200+ damage. Since, in the meta defense lineups I typically see, BD starts at around 25 attack, this means I’m seeing what looks like one continuous mass of skulls being counted as 8 or more separate matches. I have yet to see a post from a dev explaining how the match differentiation is intended to work.

I don’t think we would be seeing nearly as many BD-based teams in the defense meta if not for the above.

And it ignores any barrier of the first troop.

It’s especially frustrating when combined with 2x Virtue of Cowardice. Either finally fix how a board of skulls is counted as 50000 single hits or decrease Virtue of Cowardice to a +1 att/hp. If a bone dragon creates a board of skulls I can see the Virtue of Cowardice animation activating a hundred times for the next 20 seconds -.-

What is Virtue of Cowardice?

Edit: Oh, I got it. Cute.

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I’m not really sure there’s a good solution for how to deal with spam (skull or gem) and stuff that’s based on the number of matches made. If you count big blobs of matches the intuitive way (every potential match counts) then it grows exponentially and you can end up with Courage giving +30 attack, Plague debuffing everyone by 20 points or more, etc. If you count it differently then you can end up with the weird situation where increasing the amount spammed actually decreases the number of matches, because connecting individual matches together into a blob makes them count for less.

One way to do it might be:

  • Base Attack damage for 3 Skulls.
  • +1 Attack damage for all Skulls matched simultaneously, be they a 4th in the same group or part of an additional 3-match.
  • If you made 4+ matches anywhere on the board, Extra Turn.
  • Only one “proc” of a Skull-triggered trait per simultaneous match.

This would reduce the damage of two simultaneous Skull matches, but ramp things up predictably as more Skulls are added.


Even though this is a pretty big change from how it works right now, this sounds like the only setup that makes sense and is future-proof. However, I would also apply this logic to mana matches.

I would retain the mechanic where a 5+ match in whatever pattern (-----, +, etc.) guarantees you at least 10 mana before banner/trait bonuses. I like the guaranteed surge as part of a 5-match.

made me smile

I still don’t get it. :frowning:

Was just kidding, it’s virtue of courage… just cant find anything courageous about that troop. Add +3 att/hp to every troop when anyone matches skulls. Compare that to the other guardians… that’s broken af.