Goblin bug issue

The rework on goblins have screwed my team up. In doing pvp I was fighting a goblin team that was the exact setup as mine. All traits the same same exact goblins. my team were a higher Ascension however, the other teams goblins abilities hit harder and they have more health and attack then mine.

Would be great if I could get some help to fix this issue without destroying my cards and starting over as they are almost the highest ascension.

person you were fighting probably had more kingdom bonuses than you

Possibly, however I was much higher level that the other player. This also happens EVERY battle with goblins.

Kingdom levels, for each level 10 kingdom you have all of your troops gain a stat point, if that kingdom is power level 5 as well then they get 2 points, so if they did more damage then you physically then they have level 10 w/ w/o power level 5 attack kingdoms, if their spells delt more damage then right now you can get up to 8 additional magic point (4 kingdoms at level 10 (karakoth, dark stone, kather, and blighted lands (doubled if power level 5))) so this seems the most likely explanation
Hope you find this useful

you can gain a lot from maxing lots of towns to lvl 10.
that or if you had difficulty raised it would boost them also

Interesting I will concentrate on maxing more kingdoms. Thank you guys!