Gnomes totaly nerved to like 5% of their normal rate?

I know. There has been this Bug. Too many “new verse gnomes” and “new verse gnomes in palooza”.
It was fixed. Yeah. It needed to be. Yeah.
WHAT have you done to the “old gnomes” ?
I play explore 3 since like 3 months now to upgrade all my troops (Traitstones).
I had a gnome like every 5th fight. (some gold, some souls, some glory, whatever it dropped)

Last week it felt like I got nearly no gnome.
Today I got the “task” Pest Control (3 gnomes) …one of the fastest Tasks so far.
Today it took me nearly 3 hours. I did 330 explore 3 runs (thee HUNDERT thirty)
So 1 gnome every 110th fight, not like every 5th fight like two weeks ago.

That is a total slap in the Face. …rarer verse gnomes OK:
But now you cant even farm souls, glory ++++ this way.

Feels like they add more and more crap (lycan).
And make it harder and harder to get things.
Sure…everyone who was able to play the Buggy Palooza some hours got
ressources you had to farm in like 1-2 years. And sure some people still have like 100-500
Palooza Crafts left.

But for the people that did not have the time to play palooza for the full bug time that day.
The game has changed now to (you get only 5% of the ressources before). Well play another 5-10 years others got in one day or will get on gnome weekends in some hours because they were able to farm 500 of each verse…

I dont want to complain about that, those people had been lucky. OK.

but please please please…bring the “normal gnomes” back to a normal spawn rate. !

I haven’t really noticed any change with gnomes. Could it be that the rng is just being unkind right now?


Gnome spawn rate each fight is 3%. If you have been getting one every fifth fight for the past 3 months you’ve probably used up the luck of a whole nation for a couple of centuries.


I always have 1 spare vault key, especially for pest control


Yep, me too :+1:

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If I get 1 gnome found the campaign on Mondays it’s a good day. Of course there are weeks I get more, but that’s just rng. I think you’ll find them more people you talk to that you’ve had good luck, but the drop rate hasn’t changed.