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Gnome Event Addition

What does everyone think about including a leaderboard for the gnome event? It would consist of who has defeated the most gnomes during the start and end of the event. It would not include orbs or gems as rewards due to the economy disruption and no buy in but would reward players with x amount of one of the gnome troops. It would be similar to the mono color guild war troops rewards. It’s so tough to ascend gnomes without the use of orbs.

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I thought they increased the drop rate for gnomes in the vault???

Another no from me though on this one because again they have enough going on to keep up on. No sense in adding more to their workload.

Maybe once they have a smooth running server 7 days a week and less bugs then maybe…

It was the thought that counts though.:laughing:

A for effort though. :+1:

Couldn’t hurt, though I think instead of a leaderboard, it’d work better as another snotstone type event. Kill X amount of Gnomes during Gnome weekend, get some copies of gnomes to ascend things.


I don’t see the point in them devoting coding cycles to make yet another leaderboard.

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I love the idea, but that’s just me.

I think it’s a little weird.

In every other event, the leaderboard shows who most efficiently converted gems into points. You get points for spending sigils, and everyone gets the same amount of sigils. The leaders are never people who used only the free sigils. The real function of the leaderboard is to encourage competitive players to effectively bid gems in an auction against each other.

You don’t really spend gems or sigils to fight gnomes. You roll some dice every time you play an Explore match. Sometimes you get a gnome. That’s not a good basis for leaderboards. Someone who finds a way to play 1,000 Explore matches per hour might find 3 gnomes. Or they might find 6 gnomes. Or they might find 50.

So instead of encouraging players to spend money on gems, the only thing a Gnome leaderboard encourages players to spend is time. And if a lot of players found out the result of spending a 12-hour shift of Gems for an entire weekend was only 10 or 15 gnomes, it’d probably be worse for player sentiment than keeping the abysmal rate a secret.

So I don’t think it can be just a leaderboard. It needs all the other trappings of an event, including sigils and a shop. Or we could just leave it as-is and play the Gnome drinking game: take a shot every time you find a gnome and you win if at any point it’s illegal for you to drive.

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I want a gem gnome event

He will have a small chance to appear in explore or invasion and when you see him you got 1 turn to deal him the most damage you can and receive gems depending amount of damage dealed

Maximum reward is 25 gems per fight in case you think you will loop him to death :slight_smile:

Pay to gnome? Are you insane?

I mean maximum reward is 25 gems lol nobody will pay for that