Global event the world ender

i thought of a fun way to include the entire GoW community i like to call world ender, unlike zuul goth that is a guild event io was thinking something like that on a much larger scale I’m talking millions of Hp and armor and the only way to beat him is for the entire GoW players to fight him. naturally, it’s HP and Armor that you knock off stays gone. the world ender itself wouldn’t be a new troop but a pre-chosen mythic with its stats and spells given a massive power boost.

zuul goth would not appear here since it already has it’s own thing but troops like the world eater pharos ra’ would be. the troop that appears would have millions of HP and armor so your team will eventually be killed off but the damage it takes would be global so any damage done will no be reset this could be a monthly event that runs thru the entire month after which a new mythic would be the world ender.

the event ends either at the end of the month or if the world ender is killed after wich any player that participated would get a payout. I think this would be a fun mode since we’ve thoroughly tested how well GoW players do against each other now let’s see how well they can work together

Any boss slayer hammers zuul