Glitch with rewards when switching guilds [NOT A BUG]

Platform, device version and operating system
Win 10

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was temporarily in a guild that was working on Portal 8 or 9. I left that guild (before any new tiers were reached; and no raid boss rewards were available to be collected) and moved to a guild working on Portal 5. We just completed Portal 5 a few moments ago, I was an active contributor, but it says I already collected that reward. Would it be possible to have the Portal 5 rewards mailed to my account?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happened approx. 30 minutes before the timestamp of this message.

Steps to make it happen again
Unknown, cannot replicate for obvious reasons. I suspect this is because I received some completion flag due to the current higher-tier status of the previous guild.

Hi Jawa,

Iā€™m very sorry but this is how the new Event Rewards are intended to work.
You can only collect each Reward once per week, regardless of how many Guilds you join.

We also implemented this for the Guild Task Rewards awhile ago now as we received a lot of complaints about players who would go from Guild to Guild collecting the rewards each week.

As this is intended by design I will close this thread to avoid any confusion, however, if you encounter any other issues please do let us know!

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