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Raid boss reward bug

Since the update, I cannot collect the raid boss reward from my guild, every damage I did to the boss doesn’t accumulate with other guild members. As shown in the pics, my guild has already finished 6 stages but I myself can only start with stage 1. I tried quitting and rejoining my guild but still didn’t work. I submitted a request then I was told to report it here in the forum. PC and mobile platform.imageimage

You can only claim the Portal rewards after finishing the Minions phases. The Mini-Boss of each Minions Phase doesn’t contribute to the Boss score, only beating up Zuul’Goth does.

Thanks for the clarification but after I unlock the Zuul goth stage it shows that all the rewards before stage 7 were already collected

Because you quit your guild. You can’t join a guild in middle of event and scoop up all the rewards.

Yeah, let me lay out the timeline of how you got here.

  1. The raid started and the guild started working hard at it.
  2. You showed up later and didn’t understand how the portals work (this confused me too).

At this point, the right thing to do was to beat stages up to the minions. That’s why instead of a “collect” button, each portal says “Defeat the minions and mini-bosses to unlock the portal rewards”. It was telling you why you can’t collect. Then this happened:

  1. You left the guild.

See, gamers are a weird kind of people. If joining a guild meant you could automatically collect all the rewards they had, we’d have excessively rich people. Some guilds have multiple “sister guilds”, and it wouldn’t be a lot of trouble for those people to shuffle around 4 different guilds every day to get 4x rewards. People without sister guilds could try to find guilds that “charge” some kind of way for a quick join/collect cycle. It’d be a mess.

So when you leave and join a guild, two things are true:

  • You never lose or gain sigils from leaving or joining a guild.
  • When you join a guild, all currently-unlocked portals are marked as collected.

There’s still technically a loophole: 20+ people could maintain 2 guilds and use gems to buy so many sigils they can hit portal 12 in both. That’s so expensive I think they get what they deserve.

Like many frustrating things in life: what you did is innocent but because there are jerks who would do it on purpose for exploits, you had to suffer consequences for it.

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Thanks, this is very helpful, I hope they explained this in game