Guild Tasks Duplicate Rewards Bug (June 3rd, 2017)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I collected my Legendary Task and then went back to the farm. Finished my explore to discover my guild had completed another legendary task in 30 secs! Collected and realized its the same reward. Did another explore and sure enough the Legendary task respawned, actually paid attention to my totals this time and YES they are increasing with each mail. Although Explore—> Legendary Task is great. It doesn’t seem quite fair somehow… :thinking:

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Do another Explore and receive more goodies.

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
I do not but several guildmates are experiencing the same bug and @Davetheoutlander does have some screenshots, so I am pinging him so he can post.


First pic: Before explore Second pic: After explore Third pic: After collected reward - to confirm totals increased.


There are the pics as promised!
Thanks @Davetheoutlander!


Further proof - if only just to envy you all, including myself… if only it was for real!


Actually… just noticed, simply closing the mailbox and re-opening it causes another reward to appear. No need to do the exploring at all.

Going to need a roll back I think. I have guild members reporting this as well.

not just legendary tasks. Anything in the inbox will duplicate.


For me it was just a regular “guild tasks” reward which I did not pay much attention to at first. I just opened and claimed it then went to farming Khetar. Came out to world map and saw my mail blinking, claimed the guild tasks reward again. It was after the 4th or 5th time that I realized it can’t be right as I was getting 136 glory keys and 13 event keys everytime. I then went to check our guild task statues and found the last 3 are still incomplete


This needs a Hot Fix… NOW!

Pinging @Saltypatra, @Nimhain, and @Sirrian

This is game BREAKING for sure!


Just checked my inbox and saw that the keys are increasing in quantity if you don’t claim them.

Same thing happened to me. Woke up, collected my guild rewards (gold keys, glory keys, souls,gems), then left the game. Came back, saw i had guild rewards again, so i collected them again. Fiddled with my troops a bit, then saw the mail icon up again, with more guild rewards. I tested it a bit more at that point to see if it was indeed a glitch, then I let my guild leader (Chy’tara) know, and she went through one of her contacts to inform the devs. I’m just hoping I don’t get banned since I didn’t know what was happening.

People are really taking advantage of this there are people in global chat getting 5+ Auroras.


I saw one player get 9 Auroras. I’m just trying to cont who gets the most mythics at this point. Can’t play the game but chat is losing it’s mind so it’s at least still entertaining to be logged in.

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My god, stuff that people try to do. .

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The screenshot I posted was probably because of this.

As my mail had 13 event keys and 136 glory keys when I first logged in, now Everytime I get out of mail and go back in it adds in another 13 event keys and 136 glory keys. It is tempting but I will not claim them!

Now that i think more of it, its ridiculous. How does one say to self: ok I’m going to open and exploit this until i get at least 10 new mythics. .


It is tempting sure, but are you a decent individual or not?
I mean come on!
Its not like this is an easy bug to “accidentally” mistake for a real occurrence.

Anybody taking advantage of this needs to be struck with the:


There will be a server rollback if there have the option. Funny enough before happend i played treasur maps and found 2 glorykey in it. Guess what? I found a LEGENDARY in it and good one. Well since i play 4 days im NOT happend that i will lose second legendary card direcly again.

P.s does it happend on regulary base?!