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Glitch? Is anyone else getting this?

Is it me or am I missing a heck of a lot more extra turns, I mean I will go to make 4-6 matches for an extra turn, and will never get my extra turn. It’s starting to happen every single game. Not even a mab on the team, and on my first turns I am missing my extra turns!

It’s a known issue right now, I’ve seen a few people say there’s a proposed fix for it in the next patch. It’s not the kind of fix they can do via data updates, and there are a couple of other bugs they’d like to fix at the same time.

What’s helping some people:

At the start of the match there’s an annoying light show while every “at the start of a game” trait does its thing. Changes in this patch made it possible to move before this is finished. When you do that, the game thinks it’s your opponent’s turn and gives them the free turn. But part of the light show is “make it the player’s turn” so it ignores that free turn.

Solution: wait for all the trait hoopla to finish, then count to 2 or 3 before making a move. It’s not a 100% solution, but it’s worked for many people.

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