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[BUG] No extra turn when there should be extra turn

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I take a 4 or 5 match and should get an extra turn. Very rarely this doesn’t work.

Incidentally, I found your knowledge base article relating to this. It says it was supposed to be fixed in the 3.5 update, but my guild members and myself have noticed this still happening. Also: the KB article says it only happens at the beginning of matches when traits are still loading. I have noticed this bug occur during the middle of the game, when no troops are frozen.

I don’t know how to reproduce it reliably, aside from playing a lot of games and paying attention. It’s rare, but obviously frustrating.


Adding on to say that I’m playing on Steam, some guild members who have noticed this play on mobile.

Hello! This issue was actually fixed with this update, but another variant of the problem occurred which didn’t appear in testing. I have checked with the development team and this is fixed in the next update, 3.6. I have added that note to the known issues list and updated the article accordingly.

To resolve this issue until the next update fixes it, try waiting waiting until all the Traits have finished activating on both the enemy and your own team. The animation will need to complete for each troop at the start of the match.