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Give me my mana!


Screenshot or image:
I would need to screen before and after, so I’d have to know the game was going to give me zero mana… so … I probably wouldn’t take the action that wouldn’t pay…

Describe the problem
When I match 3, in a match 3 game, I expect to get 3 mana. I know there are things (such as banners) that will add and subtract from that 3 but I REPEATEDLY, and FOR NO REASON, get ZERO mana. It’s ********* infuriating. I submitted a ticket a while back and now I’m on the forums.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
ALL THE G.D. TIME. Any match where I’m forced to actually match … such as the ridiculously and unnecesarily long grind sessions for souls. As only one team is capable of grinding souls and with no empowered necromancy converters…

Steps to make it happen again
Match gems… If I play 100 matches in a day it probably happens 85 times!

No, all you have to do is hit Xbox, ‘capture & share’ -> ‘record what happened’ -> last 30 seconds.

Then review to see if what you thought happened really happened.


Bwahahahahaha MONTHS no this has been happening. I might make a mistake now and then but over the last 3 months - THOUSANDS of times I have not gotten mana from matching gems. If that’s in my imagination then … well, all of existance is.

Then it should be very easy to capture a video of it happening just once and post it here. Until that happens, there’s not much the devs can do to verify the issue and fix it.


That must feel very frustrating @Mnasyllus . It really helps the devs if there’s a small little video of this happening. I don’t have any experience with xbox but there are many here who can help you with recording.

This is a know non-issue. I thought they same thing back when I was new to the game. After over a month of recording every time I didn’t get my mana I came to 1 conclusion…it’s an illusion. You receive your mana so fast your eyes can’t follow it so it looks like you didn’t get anything.

Please do some recordings and come back here and post your results after you review the tape.


Despite quite a bit of grinding I only had it occur once and that’s what i determined in that case. The “Bonus Mana” animation deceived me. Possibly the thousands of times I’ve experienced the issue. Mind you - as I mentioned - it’s only happened once more since. I’ll keep plugging away but in the meantime … lord help anyone on trial for murder where my testimony could save them …

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