Multiple times I've seen wrong Mana # awarded

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Expected to get 10 Mana for 5-match, plus additional mana surrounding 5-match. Was actually awarded 10.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Play for 30 hours and watch for it? :laughing:

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##EDIT: I can’t believe it… it JUST happened again, not 1 minute after posting this video. This time I got awarded 11 mana from a match that should have given me 14.


That’s some nice telestrator work, man.

One nice feature of the PS4 is that it constantly runs a trailing 15 minute video stream so if you ever see or do something that you want to record, you just hit the “share” button, choose “save video clip” and it immediately saves the last 15 minutes of gameplay. From that, you can trim and edit it down to just what you want to keep. I take it Steam doesn’t have a similar feature?

All things are possible, but I have auto-record and such (ShadowPlay) turned off because I need perfect control. And my hardware is sliding into obscurity… time to start begging for donations I fear.

Time to upgrade to a Commodore 128?


I was thinking of dropping the cabbage and upgrading my PET to a VIC 20


I can still remember the excitement when we dropped an 80 column card into our Apple IIe…

Here’s a video that may show what you reported (every Mercy/Alchemist cast). For reference, it’s using Dragon Banner.

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Nice. There was one there around 1:12 where you should have got at minimum 38 but probably 40+ and you were awarded 33 (three 10 matches plus three 1 bonuses from the banner, just what I’m talking about !! )

The times I observed it in my games, my casts were more isolated and therefore the resulting masses of Mana were easier to decipher, but even still I think your video is crystal clear that something is going wacky.

The first cast was dead-on though, right? There’s a single match 3 in the bottom left and the complex match in the bottom right. I counted that one as a 5-match, with 5 bonus gems. Altogether, that’s (3+1) + (5x2 + 5 + 1) = 20, which is what was awarded before the cascade.

I agree with your count on the one at 1:12: I get a 5-match at the top left with 2 bonus gems (5x2 + 2 + 1 = 13), a 5-match at the bottom left with 3 bonus gems (5x2 + 3 + 1 = 14), and a 5-match at the top right (5x2+1 = 11), for a total of 38, but only 33 awarded.

Mana gathering always bugged me, most likely because not only does it not work as I would expect it too, but it also isn’t working as it’s meant to !

Let’s take a look at Yozinaf’s video to proove it…

0:12 - Mercy cast her spell > he made 2 match-3 (one procing surge) and one match 6.

I’d think he would get (32)+1 + (62)+1 + 3+1 = 24 mana :
((3 match * 2 from mana surge) + 1 from banner) + ((6 match * 2 from mana surge) + 1 from banner) + (3 match + 1 from banner)

He only got 12 + 8 = 20 mana, meaning :

  • 5+ matches are counted as surging 5 gem match, not less, not more (although, I remember reading “5+ matches give twice the mana” in game)
  • Banners (and traits) only work once per cascade (and not once per match as one could think)

0:29 - His Hellcat spell confirms that second hypothesis with a 7-gem match boosted by Alchemist’s trait (+1) and his banner (+2). That’d be 13 mana (and not 17). His alchemist was at 2/10 and his Gard at 15/24.
He ended up at 10/10 and 20/24 wich confirms he got 13 mana.

0:48 - Here comes a bugged one : his Alchemist cast results in a wooping 17-gem match and a mana surging 3 gem match. That’d be 52 + 32 +1 = 17 mana.

He actually got 12+16 = 28 mana.
If you look closely, on the right side of the 17-match is written “Extra Turn +4 gold” and on the left side of the same group of gem is written “Mana Surge +5gold”

So, somehow, the 17-match was accounted as a 5+ gem match and a 4 gem match?
But that’d be 52 + 4 +32 +1 = 21 mana, it’s still not right.

I’m not going further on the video, the proof is here already.

It just doesn’t adds up, this thing has been flwaed for quite a while now, and I can’t make sense out of it, sometimes we get more, sometimes we get less…

Your math and mine are a little different…

On the 0:12 match, you assumed that the 3-match proc’d a mana surge, and I didn’t. More significant for the formula is what you did with the “6 match”. There was a pretty big discussion on this a few months ago in a console thread where Sirrian actually chimed in. If I recall correctly (and I’ll look for the post later), he was saying that anything beyond a 5-match counts as a 5-match, with each additional gem adding one to the total mana. So a 6-match is not actually 6x2, but 5x2+1.

For some reason your video started right at the 1:12 cast so I thought that’s what you meant.

Yeah, I was comparing how I was expecting it to work versus how it actually went, then I interpreted it as the following rules :

However, I just tried to check the second hypothesis in one of my games, and I can say that traits proc once per gem-match, not once per cascade. Still gotta check for banners since my analysis of Yozinaf’s video got me thinking that banners only proc once per cascade.

When you say ‘cascade’ in that context, do you mean simultaneous matches (as we’re seeing from transforms in the video) or sequential matches (caused by falling gems after a match or transform occurs and gems are cleared)?

Cascades is actually the moment when the gems drops.
So when I say “it procs once per cascade”, I mean “it only procs once for simultaneous matches (but can proc several times in sequential matches)”

EDIT : well, in my tests…
This stuff really is full of bug.

One time I only got 6 mana from 2 surging match-3 with a +1 banner…

But banners also seems to proc once per match, not once per cascade., so Yozinaf’s first (Mercy) cast was also bugged.

Here’s the post from Sirrian explaining the formula:


So per that post, things are not working as they should and the example on the right in my mockup should be giving more than the 10 (plus banner) it is currently giving. Or is my brain on the outs again lol

I can disprove both with a single screenshot.

The following includes 2 “normal” matches - i.e not in a strange bugged shape, but the standard 3 match and L shaped match. The 3 match did not surge, so 3+1. The L shape is 6 gems long, so (6*2)+1. I got 17 mana, so both check out.

Love how you dropped the “if I recall correctly” from my quote. Obviously, I didn’t. :smirk:

I see weird stuff like this all the time. Phantom extra turns on a match 3, incorrect mana calculations. I figured it wasn’t even worth reporting since it’s so sporadic. So thanks for capturing at least part of it on video.