Ghulvania kingdom bonus bug


I was fiddling around with making some themed teams now that I have a wider variety of troops, and while trying out an undead team, I realized my troops were only getting half of the Ghulvania bonus. The bonus is stated as giving +1 armor and +1 life to all troops, yet none of my troops are getting the bonus life, only armor. They are however, all getting +1 bonus attack, which is not listed on any of my active team bonuses. So perhaps the Ghulvania bonus is either typed incorrectly and should say it gives +1 armor and +1 attack, or perhaps it is programmed incorrectly and it mistakenly gives attack instead of life.

I will attach a screenshot of one of my troops and his listed bonuses. I tried switching to different troops in the same kingdom, but still, none of them gain the +1 life. I took the team into battle as well to see if it was a visual bug and they were able to take 1 more damage than their health actually displayed, but they still did not appear to have the bonus life.

Just to make it easier to check, at the level I have him at, the Grave Knight in the screenshot has base stats of 2 magic, 4 attack, 7 mana, and 4 life.


Hm, definitely seems to be gaining attack instead of life. Let me check that out…

Yeah I’ve got the same thing on mine. And its persisting in battle as well.


Looks like we have a confirmed bug.


I dunno… considering the undead in this game tends to follow the theme of high ATT, high DEF, and low Life, I think the problem might be with the text description instead of a bonus bug.


I know Ghulvania used to have a text bug for its 4x bonus, showing 2 Armor 2 Life 1 Magic when it should have been saying 4 Life - but that’s been fixed already.

Maybe this slipped under the radar?


Looks like it. Regardless of what the effect is supposed to do and say, it is obviously not doing what it currently says it does.