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Lost Kingdom Power stars in Ghulvania

My Ghulvania had been displaying at 5 stars for quite a while now. I’m sure of it. On August 29, I even recorded it in a google spreadsheet. But strangely, yesterday when I clicked on the Ghulvania “Kingdom” button, I noticed that it had regressed back to 3 stars and my power was only 2170 (instead of 2600). The troop I use from there (Crimson Bat) looked as expected, but I had a bunch of troops at level 10-14 that I thought I must have leveled up after the Ghulvania rework.

I contacted support, but Nimhain said that my troop levels on the backup from mid-August do look about the same, so there was nothing they can do.

My mind is boggled. The only other thing I can think of is that there was some glitch (maybe double-counting or something) that caused the game to show my Ghulvania as 5 stars even though I hadn’t actually earned it, AND to stay that way across multiple reboots of the game as well.

BTW: Just this week I ascended Bat and leveled it from 19 to 20. Honestly, I’m not sure if the 3 star regression was triggered by that or by me clicking on the “Kingdom” button.

Has anyone encountered anything like this?
I think at this point I mostly want confirmation that I’m not losing my mind… The 7000 souls needed to get back to 5 stars isn’t that big of a deal of compared to my sanity :grimacing:

The only time I have seen this happen is when I refunded some troops. Naturally, taking off all their traits caused the kingdom levels to drop, but I don’t think anything has been up for refund lately, has it?


The one thing I can think of for you to check is with Draakulis’ release, the kingdom went to 11 troops.

Somewhere it was said that troops beyond 10 would count for less contributions to the power level. So my random, and unlikely question would be did the Mythic release scale the contribution of something like your zombie to the power total.

I’d say add up the levels and traits of your troops and see what the power level should be. See if the number displayed matches what you expect, or if it seems like a troop is not contributing full value.

I’d think this is really unlikely, but it might be worth a check.


Not sure, but I definitely haven’t refunded anything in the past few weeks.

The power level score correctly matches the sum of the troop levels and traits that I would expect.

Side note: I didn’t get Draak (my saved up glory keys and 2500 gems for VIP chests failed me). I’ve been at 10 troops in the kingdom ever since Morthani’s Will and Wraith showed up.

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It doesn’t actually work like this in practice, though, the original explanation was probably a bit over-simplified so it could be more universally understood. In reality there is a soft cap of 2000 kingdom points through levels, and 500 kingdom points from troops, after which each one counts for 20% of their full value. For example, you’ll see a normal 10 points per level gained for any troop you have obtained 200 levels total (2000 points) split between the troops, regardless of how many troops you have or how the levels are distributed amongst them, with the 201st level and beyond only being worth 2 points each.


I wonder if this will change with the update, with levels and extra troops being worth the same again.

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Wondering that myself. They could always scale the requirements based on the softcaps. Or the softcaps might remain, making traits the bulk of the points you get beyond 2500 points, given 750 trait points are available in a 10 troop kingdom and you only need 100 of those to hit the current star cap, which would still allow a 10 troop kingdom to get 2 more stars at 300 point cost each and allow just a hair of leeyway for having below mythic in a few things.