Kingdom power scoring glitch?

I have at least 3 kingdoms in which there appears to be a glitch in the kingdom power scoring. If your troops have a total of over 200 levels, the score appears to add 2 points per level instead of 10 points.

Has any one else noticed that?

Not a glitch, it is intended.

Troops over 10 are worth 10 not 50
Levels over 200 are worth 2 not 10
Traits over 30 are worth 10 not 25


It’s intended but very confusing. Like much of the GUI in the game, it does a horrible job of explaining what’s going on and why. I feel sorry for players that never come to the forums as that’s the only way to learn 75% of what’s going on in the game.


Will that change when they activate the last three power levels?

Unknown at this point. My guess would be they will move the cutoff from 10 to 12 once all kingdoms are at least 10 troops. There are only 5 kingdoms with under 10 currently, 2 of which should be getting troops by year’s end.

Not only confusing, it looks totally arbitrary. In a kingdom with 11 troops, the 11th is arguably harder to get, and should be worth the same, if not more.

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The reason for the diminishing returns was to keep the power levels from being trivialized by having more troops.

With 8 troops to reach PL5 (the max at the time) you needed all troops mythic, level 20, and all 24 traits. Not easy at all.
With 9 troops if they were all 20 you only needed 14 traits or if you got 16 traits you could have up to 5 troops not ascended to mythic. So much easier.
With 10 troops at 20 you only needed 4 traits. Or with just one trait per troop none of them needed to reach mythic.
If there were no diminishing returns, having 11 troops at 19 would be enough to hit PL5 with no traits at all!

Power level 5 is still a big milestone, so they haven’t relaxed it yet. But I’d imagine when PL10 opens up and kingdoms are all 10 troops or more they’ll rework things

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Traits are 5 from 25. 20%.

They could have accomplished the same thing without the confusion by upping the points needed to reach the higher power levels. The current system (diminishing the gain instead of upping the bar) is obtuse, unexplained, and leads to us having to answer the same question over and over here.

@Sirrian, @Nimhain, please consider scaling up the bar instead in a future update.


Nope, 10 after 30

13 troops. 10 at 50 each = 500. 3 at 10 each = 30. Total 530.
32 traits. 30 at 25 each = 750. 2 at 10 each = 20. Total 770.
258 levels. 200 at 10 each = 2000. 58 at 2 each = 116. 2116 total.

Weird. So much for 20%.

Bumping, cos this is needed information. would be nice to be pinned.

While this is true it would make reaching lower PL (e.g. PL5) much easier, just as @Rasper wrote. Still it is arbitrary, unintuitive and confusing, so… maybe a little question mark in-game with pop-up explaining what’s going on?

I’m mostly confused by the traits not going to 20% of starting value. I fully second both requests made here.