Kingdom power points calculation

Hi! On some of my kingdoms I see that while calculating kingdom power points is not calculating like 10 pts per Level.

Think must be 2140 pts for levels. Does it?

Can someone explain if this is correct?

I think the points go down after you reach 5 star? So u don’t gain 10 points for each level it’s something like 8 points. I may be wrong on the numbers

Not sure. Example:

here seems all ok.

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There is some diminishing returns after certain thresholds. In this case the first 200 Levels are worth 10 points each and then 2 points each.

Check out this guide for more details:


got it.
checked my kingdoms, yes, thats seems how it works.

@Ozball ty.

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Kingdom Power is calculated by how much progress the troops from that kingdom have. It calculated like this:
1 Kingdom Troop = 50 points
1 Kingdom Troop Trait = 25 points
1 Kingdom Troop Level = 10 points

Kingdom power score is then shown as a XP value to earning the next Kingdom Power Star (which represents Kingdom Power). Kingdom Power Stars grant bonuses you can get from that kingdom either from daily gold from the kingdom, kingdom tributes or the kingdom skill point bonus.

There is a soft cap value for 10 troops for each category.

10 Kingdom Troops = 500 points
30 Traits = 750 points (25 points for each trait, 3 traits per characeter, 10 Kingdom troops)
200 Troop Levels = 2000 points (20 levels for each 10 points)

After reaching the soft cap value, any extra troops after that (so the 11th or 12th troop in a kingdom) are worth less points towards kingdom power.
10 Kingdom Troops = 500 points
11 Kingdom Troops = 510 points


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