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Kingdom Power stuck at Zero after patch 3.5

PC version - Windows 10
Mobile - IOS / iphone

Kingdom Power stuck at zero
All tasks are completed but the Kingdom Power is at zero and new quests do not appear
This is a permanent condition - it is like this always
Multiple Kingdoms are affected. Here is one:



Can you please send through a screenshot of the main “Kingdom Level” menu?

If your game does not look like this, you will need to complete all bright forest quests

I did the quests and the power updated normally. Thank you!

Is this requirement in the patch notes? Or in the info on kingdom power levels? I didn’t see it. If not, please add. Thanks!

It is not! I had the same thing happen. The patch notes said we would keep our stars. They didn’t mention anything about “only if you completed all the quests”.

I’ve posted about it in a few places, but haven’t received a response.

Hmm I think games abit fudged atm as some of my kingdoms are fine but they’re not at the same time like I haven’t done all quests in Forest Of Thorns yet am at 8 stars (2 silver 3 green) but then I have actually only just noticed that there’s different tasks to upgrade kingdom level’s for each one individually so fudge knows lol

Edit 1: Kingdoms not showing triple tribute chance asa my Whitehelm Kingdom is PL 9 (Trip Trib Chance) an still showing 20%.

Kingdoms showing 20% tribute when they should be 30% is a visual bug only, supposedly. The devs are aware of it and it will be fixed in the next update.


have the same issue as Palamara

PC steam: Wndows 10
Kingdom Power for Khaziel stuck at 0 because it says I havent finished quest




I am Having the same issue with my Kingdom of Khaziel. All my kingdoms have had their quests completed prior to the update. This is the only kingdom that is currently stuck at lvl 0

I am also having an issue with Khaziel’s power level not updating the quest task.

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Im also having issue with khaziel. Im done with all quest but still says 0 stars. i have stars on all other kiingdoms besides. khaziell.

Update: It’s all good now.

Hey, this should have all been fixed early on so if you’re still having this issue please write a support ticket under the category “technical issue” and we’ll sort it out for you.
How do I contact Support?

I encountered the same issue lately. I already finished quest line and class quest for Khaziel kingdom, but Power level stuck at 0 and require “Complete all quests”.
Quest progress shows wrong number 26/35 instead of 35/35. If I click on “Quest” I see the message “There are no available quests”.
Also, there is no sword icon near this kingdom, what usually indicates that all quests are done.

Have you completed the Adana quest line?

no, I not completed Adana

The last few (non-class) quests in Khaziel require you to have done (or possibly only started) Adana before you’re able to do them.

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I see. It wasn’t obvious. After doing kingdom quest I was instantly redirected to class quest so I was sure that I already done with this kingdom.
After doing few Adana quests I was able to continue Khaziel quests and game froze after I finished them. But it seems everything fine after restart.
Thank you!

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