Bug: Lord of Blood bonus does not match description

The Lord of Blood bonus for having two unique Gulvania troops in a team claims to grant +1 Life and +1 Armor. However, it instead grants +1 Attack and +1 Armor. I don’t have any more Gulvania troops to be able to check Duke/King.

Confirming for Lord of blood. It seems like the bug is in the effect, not in the description looking how the other Blood bonus don’t improve attack (neither in description nor in actual effect)

Lord of Blood : +1 Life +1 Armor | +1 Attack +1 Armor
Duke of Blood : +1 Life +1 Armor +1 Magic | +1 Life +1 Armor +1 Magic
King of Blood : +2 Life +2 Armor +1 Magic | +2 Life +2 Armor +1 Magic

So only Lord Of Blood’s effect is bugged. Nice catch !

Thank you!

We’ll fix this and get it out with tonight’s event.