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Wierd thing about Vampire Lord

I noticed vampire lord required magic and earth traitstones to unlock traits. However, vampire lord doesn’t use magic or earth gems, he uses wind and fire. Is this intentional or just a glitch on the ps4? Thanks in advance for replying.

He was changed a few weeks ago as part of Ghulvania’s rebalancing on PC.

These changes should be a part of the next update but I can’t say for certain as it depends if the console devs had these changes before submitting the patch for approval. If you force me to choose I’d say probably will be included with the next update.

Ghulvania was already fine doh. Slightly lacking in sheer attack power, but totally viable as a technical team. They already have grave knight as a magic/earth unit. If anything, another magic/earth undead unit makes things redundant. Why couldn’t they make vampire lord fire/earth? That way he can benefit from the banner bonus, not conflict with grave knight, and support grave knight’s earth spirit trait along with ghoul.

Ghoul completely changed too.

WTF they’re just making Ghulvania less viable. Barely anyone uses troops from there to begin with, because of the lack of an attack bonus and zombie’s inability to tank properly. Guess it’s going to be trash after the next update. Seriously though, zombie really needs some sort of buff to its HP to tank properly. Especially now that skulls drop more often and attack power rose to ridiculous values.

Sorry. Totally disagree. Ghoul’s reworking makes him a very strong common that can hit the opponent’s team where it hurts most. Their magic.

Crimson Bat was buffed. Buffed. It was good before and now better.

Flesh Golem explodes a row. So 3 rows are destroyed and you gain a boatload of mana.

Plus there are 2 more troops coming to Ghulvania. This is not a bad kingdom at all. Not by a long shot.

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Well, I’m not experiencing any of that bro. I’ll I’m still on console remember? So, until all that good shit comes to me and zombie gets his sorry ass buffed Ghulvania will remain a team I use for entertainment, not victory. Although, I still manage to scrape out wins for the most part.

Those changes should have been in this console update.

The only changes I’ve seen were the buff to crimson bat(which I have, but don’t use due to team balance), the upgrade stone change on vampire lord, and the trait change from agile to human slayer on ghoul. My banshee still needs 14 mana to cast, my flesh golem doesn’t explode anything, ghoul hasn’t been reworked, and zombie is still desperately in need of an hp buff of a rebalancing of how the buff he gets when he casts “eat brains” works.

They only half changed it? Sigh. At least the Bat was 1 of them.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on zombie? He’s integral to my ghulvania team, but he’s not a very good tank even though that’s his role as dictated by his skill.

Yeah, It looks like the Ghulvania changes did not make it in to this update.

Edit: my bat still has the OLD info for gain 8 life not 16

16 life? that’s ridiculous. How could that possibly be a good change?

Gaining 16 instead of 8? That’s a good buff especially on a troop that didn’t really need it.

As for Zombie, can’t really say. There are other purples I would use first on both platforms including the hero.

That’s an unnecessary buff. The bat was already a hard hitter with his true damage to all troops with a nice cherry on top with the 8 life bonus. 16 life is just a bit much. I’d under stand if it was recover 16 life, but GAIN? That’s just too much. At the most he should gain 12 since attack values are pretty high now, but 16 is too much. You yourself said he doesn’t really need it. A buff of that magnitude that doesn’t compensate for anything breaks the balance to a significant degree.

It came about after a long feedback session from the board.

That said, it’s still not gamebreaking. He feels like a solid legendary now and others could use some strong buffs too. There are several troops though that would be considered stronger than the Bat too. So he’s not as unbalanced as it initially may look.

The board of developers?

I would agree but here you go:


Good stuff. Vampire lord’s mana color switch is a bit unnecessary since grave knight already got earth/magic covered and crimson bat seems a bit too tanky with the life gain, but everything else looks mighty fine. Thanks for the info.

The 16 life only makes him balanced on a full legendary team with 0 kingdom and troop type synergy. If put on a dedicated Ghulvania team he would be insanely game breaking with his coming buff. This really seems like pandering to guys that don’t effectively utilize kingdom and troop bonuses and just opt to dump their best legendary troops into one team. I see a lot of them on ps4, but I don’t know about xbox, mobile, or pc.